The Art of Choosing or Being an Amazing Godparent

When someone is baptized, the Church requires that he or she has a Godparent (or a sponsor, if an adult is being baptized and confirmed). Often, Godparents are close friends or family members of the parents.

Many people view the role of a Godparent as simply an honorary title. However, Godparents have a much deeper and richer relationship with the child. They have a particular obligation to help their Godchild grow in the Faith and get to Heaven.

So, what exactly does the Catholic Church teach about Godparents? And what should you look for when choosing a Godparent for your child? If you are a Godparent, how can you best help the individuals entrusted to your care get to Heaven?

On this episode, Fr. Shenan Boquet answers all these questions. He explains what the Catholic Church teachers about Godparents. And he offers advice for navigating tricky situations, such as when the parents of your Godchild don’t practice the Faith anymore.

Listen now to find out how to find (or be) an amazing Godparent!

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