The World Health Organization: On A Mission to End Humanity?

Human Life International Condemns UN Entity’s Promotion of Unhealthy Disease-Causing Behaviors

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(January 30, 2024 – Front Royal, Virginia) The powerful World Health Organization appears to be working hard to hasten the end of the human race, according to the global life-advocates at Human Life International. As the United Nation’s designated preserver of the world’s health, the new World Health Organization Pandemic Agreement is designed to increase disease and encourage unhealthy behaviors.

This recent directive coming out of this international government body demands that all nations follow their lead to “counteract conservative opposition” and “enact progressive laws,” as the World Health Organization seeks to “normalize” transgender cross-sex hormone injections worldwide.

“Why is the World Health Organization, which supposedly exists to improve health, recommending and pushing activities that are proven to cause disease?” asks Fr. Shenan Boquet, President of Human Life International.

“Political leaders at all levels must champion sexual health as part of sexual and reproductive health to counteract conservative opposition,” reads a bulletin issued January 1, 2024 by the World Health Organization. It continues, “Countries must repeal laws that criminalize homosexuality,” and proclaims, “Upholding sexual health is a moral obligation. Immense suffering is caused when people lack bodily autonomy; control over their fertility.” According to Dr. Brian Clowes, Director of Education and Research at Human Life International, the last is clearly a reference to abortion.

Boquet pointed to prostitution and homosexual acts. He states that both practices easily spread AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases because of the high failure rate of condoms. By adding transgenderism, which compounds the problem with brutal abuse of the body through mutilating surgeries and harmful drugs, the scenario becomes even more dire.

“The World Health Organization’s proposed document states that ‘Countries must repeal laws that criminalize homosexuality, sex work, and HIV transmission.’ This is insanity!” exclaimed Boquet. “This literally means that this global entity charged with promoting health is pushing these three behaviors that are most likely to spread disease!”

“This is a classic case of bureaucracy advancing an ideology: ‘Doing the easier wrong instead of the harder right,’” Boquet observed. “And when the incidence of HIV and AIDS begins to rise again, they will all be shocked.”

Clowes reported that this latest proposal from the World Health Organization is one of several irrational and damaging ones that Human Life International has seen at the highest levels of both the United States government and the United Nations.

“The only possible solution to this kind of proposal,” Boquet offered, “is to demand a re-institution of the teaching of morals based in the natural law and caring for our fellow people, instead of using them as instruments for our own pleasure and satisfaction. Surveys have continually found the most sexually satisfied people are committed married couples who had no previous sexual experience.”

The World Health Organization promotes itself as the United Nations agency working to promote health, keep the world safe, and serve the vulnerable. “So why,” asked Boquet, “are they, as always, working against their publicly stated goals?”


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