32 Hate Crime Hoaxes

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32 redAs shown by this sample list of hate crime hoaxes—32 of them—the LGBT movement will stoop very low to draw attention and achieve special privileges.


1. Andrew Anthos

Year and State: 2007, Michigan

Description of Hoax: Anthos fell and injured his neck, and told police that he did not know how the fall had happened. However, a week later he changed his story and claimed that a black man called him a “faggot” and struck him in the back of the neck with a steel pipe. He eventually died of the injury. Despite evidence to the contrary revealed by an autopsy, homosexual groups continued to exploit his death, claiming that he was murdered by a “homophobe.”

Motivation for the Hoax: Unknown; Anthos was known to have mental illness.

Punishment: None, since Anthos died not long after the incident.

References: “Death Used to Bolster Hate-Crimes Bill Proves Accidental.” Focus on the Family CitizenLink, March 30, 2007; Peter J. Smith. “CWA Claims Fake ‘Hate Crimes’ Being Used to Force Legislation through Congress: Laws would Give Homosexuals and Their Behavior Special Protections under US Law and Muzzle Free Speech.” LifeSite Daily News, April 11, 2007; Dale O’Leary. “Seeing Hate Where There is None.” MercatorNet, June 7, 2007.


2. Joseph Baken

Year and State: 2013, Montana

Description of Hoax: Baken did a back flip on a street curb and landed on his face. He then claimed that three men had beaten him while shouting homophobic slurs. Unfortunately for him, someone had filmed his antics with a cell phone and submitted the video to the police.

Motivation for the Hoax: Covering up his own clumsiness.

Punishment: Baken pled guilty to filing a false police report. He was sentenced to 180 days in jail and a $300 fine, but the jail time was suspended.

References: “Man Who Claimed He was Beaten for Being Gay Admits He Made It All Up after Police Receive Video of Him Hitting HIS OWN Head after Back-Flipping Off a Curb.” The Daily Mail, August 9, 2012; Ben Johnson. “Another Gay ‘Hate Crime’ Hoax: ‘Victim’ Injured Himself with a Somersault.” LifeSite Daily News, August 9, 2012; “Joseph Baken, Montana Man, Pleads Guilty To Fabricating Anti-Gay Attack.” The Huffington Post, November 26, 2013.


3. Chad Butcher

Year and State: 2000, Tennessee.

Description of Hoax: Butcher’s Tennessee Tech dorm room went up in flames one night, and he blamed the arson on “bullies” that he claimed were harassing him. But after an investigation, he was arrested and charged with the crime.

Motivation for Hoax: Attempts to gain attention and sympathy.

Punishment: Unknown.

Reference: Laura Douglas-Brown. “Faked Hate for Failed Police Investigations?” Houston Voice (homosexual weekly), October 4, 2002.


4. Benson Carroll

Year and State: 2000, California

Description of Hoax: Carroll was found bound and gagged on a road after someone tipped off police. He said that he had been kidnapped and forcibly sodomized by someone chanting anti-homosexual slurs (!). However, when media aired the incident, an anonymous source steered detectives to a man who said that he, Carroll and a third man had met at a motel for “consensual adult activities.”

Motivation for Hoax: Trying to cover up being out all night.

Punishment: Unknown.

Reference: Laura Douglas-Brown. “Faked Hate for Failed Police Investigations?” Houston Voice (homosexual weekly), October 4, 2002.


5. Christel Conklin and Aimee Whitchurch

Year and State: 2012, Colorado

Description of Hoax: Conklin and Whitchurch claimed that someone had sprayed “Kill the Gay” on their garage door and hung a noose on the doorknob of their front door.

Motivation for the Hoax: Retaliation against their neighbors and homeowner’s association, who had complained they did not pick up after their dogs.

Punishment: Charges of forgery, criminal mischief and false reporting.

Reference: Alyssa Newcomb. “Lesbian Couple Charged With Staging Hate Crime.” ABC News, May 19, 2012.


6. Azalea Cooley

Year and State: 1992, Oregon.

Description of Hoax: Azalea Cooley was the “perfect victim,” a “fourfer”: black, handicapped, lesbian and female. Cooley claimed that 22 different hate crimes had been committed against her, including paintings of a Swastika and the slogan “burn, nigger, burn” on her home. Someone had even left a black baby doll with a .38 caliber bullet lodged in its head on her porch. But police put surveillance on her home and found that she was spray-painting her own home with anti-homosexual slogans. It also turned out that she did not have a crippling cancer after all.

Motivation for Hoax: Political gain, in attempts to defeat Oregon’s Ballot Measure 9.

Punishment: Two years of probation, four months of which was “home confinement.” In fact, she was supported by homosexual groups.

Reference: Rachel Zimmerman. “The Perfect Victim: Azalea Cooley.” Willamette Week (Portland, Oregon), November 26-December 3, 1992, page 1; Dave Hogan. “Judge Places Cooley on Probation.” The Oregonian, June 3, 1993; Lisa Herbert. “Violence, Fear Part of Women’s Lives, Says Rape Prevention Month Speaker.” The University Record (University of Michigan), April 2, 1996; Christopher Fried. “10 Egregious Hate Crime Hoaxes.” ListVerse, March 20, 2015.

Note: this older case is mentioned only because it highlights perfectly how homosexuals will use their victim status to achieve political goals, and how thoroughly the corrupt mainstream media covers for the hate crime hoaxers.


7. Edward Drago

Year and State: 2001, New Jersey.

Description of Hoax: Drago claimed that both he and his campus homosexual organization received death threats and hate mail but confessed to fabricating all of the incidents.

Motivation for Hoax: Most likely political advantage.

Punishment: Temporarily suspended from the college.

Reference: James M. O’Neill. “Student Admits Hate-Mail Hoax: Edward Drago had Told a College of New Jersey Gathering that He had Received Death Threats.” Philadelphia Inquirer, August 23, 2001.


8. Floyd Elliott

Year and State: 2004, Missouri

Description of Hoax: Elliott claimed that attackers cut him in the stomach, branded him with a hot knife, and attempted to carve the word “FAG” on his forehead. Unfortunately, Elliott is not too bright; he carved “FAG” backwards on his forehead, as if he were looking in a mirror.

Motivation for Hoax: Attempt to increase police presence in his neighborhood.

Punishment: Charged with filing a false police report.

Reference: “Man Admits Hate Crime Attack Was False.” KMBC Television Channel 9 (Kansas City, Missouri), December 28, 2004.


9. Frank Elliott

Year and State: 2012, Illinois

Description of Hoax: Elliott reported that the walls of the homosexual bar he owned had been painted with anti-homosexual slurs and that it was burned down by “homophobes.” He later confessed that he burned the bar to collect the insurance money.

Motivation for Hoax: Insurance fraud.

Punishment: Two years probation, a $1,179 fine, and restitution of $107,000.

Reference: Carmine Sabia. “Fake Gay-Hate: Owner of Bar Admits He Torched it and Painted Gay Slurs to Commit Insurance Fraud.” Bizpac Review, August 5, 2015.


10. James Timothy Griffith

Year and State: 1998, Georgia

Description of Hoax: Ten homosexual households received hate-filled letters entitled “Dear Homo Pervert.” One of these was Griffith, who sent the letters himself.

Motivation for Hoax: Dispute with a neighbor.

Punishment: Griffith was arrested and charged with stalking and sending harassing mail.

Reference: Laura Douglas-Brown. “Faked Hate for Failed Police Investigations?” Houston Voice (homosexual weekly), October 4, 2002.


11. Jenny Harding

Year and Country: 2013, England

Description of Hoax: It doesn’t get any lower than this. Harding claimed that someone hit her little dog so hard that she lost an eye. Then “homophobes” attacked her property several times, including painting “Die Filthy Queer” on the back of her van. Police soon determined that Harding had committed the crimes herself.

Motivation for Hoax: Apparent craving for attention.

Punishment: None. This is England, remember.

Reference: Renee Nal. “Jenny Harding Claimed that She Was the Victim of a Hate Crime.” The [Guernsey] Examiner, December 20, 2013.


12. Steve Harper

Year and State: 2014, New York

Description of Hoax: Two homosexual “fathers” send a birthday invitation to a virulently homophobic mother, who replies in a cruel and heartless manner. The entire thing was a hoax perpetrated by Steve Harper, a Long Island radio talk show host.

Motivation for Hoax: “To start a conversation.” In reality, political advantage.

Punishment: None.

Reference: Lindy West. “Gay Dads Receive Mean, Homophobic RSVP to Their Kid’s Birthday Party.” Jezebel, February 14, 2014; Matt Walsh. “Lying, Coercing, Defrauding, and Scheming─For Marriage Equality! The Latest ‘Gay Bashing’ Hoax.” LifeSite Daily News, February 17, 2014; “Mom’s Homophobic Response to Gay Dads’ Birthday Invite Was A Radio Show Hoax.” The Huffington Post, February 18, 2014.


13. Genesis Hernandez and another anonymous student

Year and State: 2013, New York.

Description of Hoax: Anti-transgender and other hate messages were scrawled all over the grounds of Vassar College.

Motivation for Hoax: Unknown

Punishment: Both hoaxers voluntarily withdrew from the college. No other punishment.

Reference: Robby Soave. “EXCLUSIVE: Shocking Discovery in Hoax Bias Incident at Vassar College.” The Daily Caller, November 27, 2013.


14. Adam Hoover, Co-President of Marriage Equality Ohio

Year and State: 2015, Ohio

Description of Hoax: Hoover claimed that he had been kidnapped and stuffed inside the trunk of his car, and that his captors threatened to murder his entire family.

Motivation for Hoax: Political advantage.

Punishment: Hoover was charged with misdemeanor making false alarms. His activist friends said that they hoped he would soon come back to work with them again.

Reference: Ben Johnson. “‘I Don’t Want to Die!’: Leading Gay ‘Marriage’ Activist in Ohio Faked His Own Abduction.” LifeSite Daily News, March 6, 2015.


15. Richard Jones

Year and State: 2015, Utah

Description of Hoax:Jones claimed that he was physically attacked three times. During one of these incidents, someone carved “Die Fag” on both of his arms. His restaurant was also reportedly burglarized and vandalized with the spray-painted messages “You’ll Die” and “Burn Fag.” He also raised $12,000 in donations to cover his medical expenses.

Motivation for Hoax: Supposedly a “cry for help.”

Punishment: None. In fact, homosexual groups sympathized with him.

Reference: Jennifer Dobner. “Police Say Utah Man Admits to Vandalism, Injuries Originally Reported as Anti-Gay Attack; Donations Returned.” The Salt Lake Tribune, June 30, 2015; Lindsay Whitehurst. “Rick Jones Faked Gay Hate Crime against Self, Utah Authorities Now Say.” Associated Press, June 30, 2015.


16. Jerry Kennedy

Year and State: 1998, Georgia

Description of Hoax: Someone set the door of University of Georgia resident advisor Jerry Kennedy on fire three times. He reported six other hate crimes as well, and claimed that all of these crimes were committed by “homophobes.”

Motivation for Hoax: Unknown.

Punishment: Kennedy was charged with two counts of arson and four false reports of a crime.

Reference: Dale O’Leary. “Seeing Hate Where There is None.” MercatorNet, June 7, 2007.


17. Richard Kennedy

Year and Country: 2014, England

Description of Hoax: After leaving a homosexual nightclub at 3:30 in the morning, Kennedy clumsily tripped and fell on his face. He decided to take advantage of the situation, claiming that he was savagely beaten by several men. He only confessed that he was lying when a security camera showed him falling.

Motivation for Hoax: Political advantage and covering up for his own clumsiness.

Punishment: None. The police did not even charge him with wasting their time.

Reference: Thaddeus Baklinski. “UK Homosexual Who Claimed His Face was Beat in During ‘Homophobic’ Attack Now Admits He Fell.” LifeSite Daily News, March 14, 2014.


18. Sara Loy

Year and State: 2007, Massachusetts

Description of Hoax: Loy, a homosexual activist and ACLU officer, was aggressively trying to disrupt a talk by a pro-family speaker by holding a large sign right in front of him. Larry Cirignano gently escorted her out of the venue. After he had released her, Loy clumsily tripped over the feet of a teenager and fell to the ground. She then began shouting that Cirignano had attacked her, and screamed “This is what hatred is!” over and over. Several homosexuals lied about the incident, and police refused to interview people who had actually seen what transpired. Cirignano was arrested, charged, put on trial and found not guilty unanimously by a jury. This is a good example of how homosexual activists will do their best to lie about pro-family activists in attempts to have them arrested and harassed.

Motivation for Hoax: Political advantage and an attempt to eliminate an opponent.

Punishment: None.

References: Matthew Cullinan Hoffman. “Jury Acquits Man Falsely Accused by Homosexual Activists: Evidence Emerges of Police Coverup.” LifeSite Daily News, November 5, 2007.


19. “Mary”

Year and State: 2004, California

Description of Hoax: A lesbian student known only as “Mary,” who headed up the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance, spray-painted anti-homosexual graffiti on her high school locker and claimed that she had been hit in the face with an egg by homophobes. In addition, several homosexual teachers started getting threatening telephone calls.

Motivation for Hoax: To get out of doing homework.

Punishment: “Mary” had to pay restitution to her school, attend parole meetings with an officer, and volunteer at the school for community service.

References: Keri Brenner. “Tam High Anti-Gay Attacks a Hoax.” Associated Press, May 8, 2005; Dusty Siggins and Ben Johnson. “Lesbian Admits She Faked Anti-Gay ‘Hate Crime’ to Get Out of Doing Her Homework.” LifeSite Daily News, May 6, 2014.


20. Quinn Matney

Year and State: 2011, North Carolina

Description of Hoax: Matney accidentally burned his wrist with a hot piece of metal, causing severe burns and tendon damage. He claimed that another man called him hateful names and pressed a hot piece of metal against his wrist.

Motivation for Hoax: Covering up for his own clumsiness.

Punishment: Matney was charged with filing a false police report.

References: “UNC Investigating Assault on Student.” The News Observer (Chapel Hill, North Carolina), April 12, 2011; “Hate Crime Report at UNC was False, Police Say.” The News Observer (Chapel Hill, North Carolina), April 12, 2011; Kathleen Gilbert. “U of North Carolina Student Lied about Anti-Gay Assault.” LifeSite Daily News, April 14, 2011.


21. Alex McGillis

Year and State: 2007, Idaho

Description of Hoax: McGillis claimed that a man shouted anti-homosexual slurs at him and struck him from behind several times. He later confessed that he had used a stick and his own fists to injure himself.

Motivation for Hoax: To gain sympathy and attention.

Punishment: Unknown.

References: Dale O’Leary. “Seeing Hate Where There is None.” MercatorNet, June 7, 2007.


22. Dayna Moralis

Year and State: 2013, New Jersey

Description of Hoax: Moralis worked in a restaurant and claimed that a couple wrote a hate-filled message on their tab instead of leaving a tip. She also lied about serving in Afghanistan, having brain cancer, being raped by her father and having a miscarriage, and Hurricane Sandy throwing a boat through the side of her house. She raised thousands of dollars allegedly for the Wounded Warriors charity but in reality did not send one dime to them.

Motivation for Hoax: Constant need for sympathy and attention.

Punishment: None.

References: Ben Johnson. “‘She’s Doctored Up Our Check!’: Couple Disputes Lesbian Waitress’ Viral Claim They Stiffed Her.” LifeSite Daily News, November 26, 2013; “Gay New Jersey Waitress in Tip Flap is Compulsive Liar, Friends Say.” Fox News, November 27, 2013; Peter Baklinski. “Lesbian Waitress behind Viral Tip Story also Lied about Serving in Afghanistan, Brain Cancer: Report.” LifeSite Daily News, November 28, 2013; Alec Torres. “Eleven Hate-Crime Hoaxes.” National Review, March 24, 2014.


23. Sebastian Nouchet

Year and Country: 2006, France

Description of Hoax: Nouchet claimed that he was attacked by men shouting anti-homosexual slurs, doused with gasoline, and set on fire. He was severely burned. No evidence that he was attacked was ever found.

Motivation for Hoax: Political advantage. Although this was a hoax hate crime, it led to the setting up of a federal government agency and stringent hate crime laws being passed in France, prohibiting any speech that homosexuals might find “offensive.” In fact, anyone who even questions the law itself is severely fined, with the money being turned over to homosexual groups.

Punishment: None.

Reference: Hilary White. “Key French ‘Homophobic’ Violence Case Dropped Long after Hate Crimes Law Installed.” LifeSite Daily News, September 29, 2006.


24. Alexandra Pennell

Year and State: 2012, Connecticut

Description of Hoax: Pennell claimed that some nasty person was leaving violent anti-homosexual notes under her dorm room door. Police set up a surveillance camera to catch the “homophobe,” but each time a note was left, the camera was mysteriously disabled right before the incident. Police set up a second camera without Pennell knowing about it and caught her in the act.

Motivation for Hoax: Attempts to generate sympathy and attention.

Punishment: This is the only known case where authorities came down hard on the hoaxer. Pennell was barred from attending any state university for five years and charged with eight felony counts of fabricating evidence, eight misdemeanor charges of lying to police, eight misdemeanor counts of filing a false police report and one count of making a false statement to police.

References: David Owens and Hilda Munoz. “CCSU Police Say Student Faked Anti-Gay Notes: Alleged Bias Prompted Campus Rally Where Accused Student Spoke.” The Hartford Courant, July 2, 2012; Kathleen Gilbert. “Lesbian teen faked anti-gay notes that sparked college’s ‘Solidarity Rally.’” LifeSite Daily News, July 5, 2012.


25. Charlie Rogers

Year and State: 2012, Nebraska

Description of Hoax: Rogers claimed that three masked men had broken into her home, bound her with plastic zip ties, carved a cross into her chest and anti-gay slurs into her arms and stomach, spray painted smears onto her walls, then tried to set her house on fire.

Motivation for Hoax: Political advantage; a city homosexual rights ordinance was being debated at the time of the hoax.

Punishment: Rogers was sentenced to seven days in jail, probation and 250 hours of community service, none of which she bothered to serve.

References: Ben Johnson. “Lesbian Who Carved Cross into Own Chest in Fake Hate Crime Gets Seven Days in Jail, Probation.” LifeSite Daily News, April 22, 2013; “Charlie Rogers, Nebraska Lesbian Who Faked Anti-Gay Hate Crime, Sentenced to Jail.” The Huffington Post, November 26, 2013; Lori Pilger. “Woman Who Reported Fake Hate Crime Back in Court.” Lincoln Journal Star, February 9, 2015.


26. The media in general regarding the death of Matthew Shepherd

Year and State: 1998, Wyoming.

Description of Hoax: Shepherd was horribly tortured, tied to a fence, and left to die by two men whom the press immediately identified as typical hateful “homophobes.” When it finally transpired that the two murderers were bisexuals who had had sex with Shepherd and that his death was the result of a drug deal gone bad, the press was content to let the “hate crime” narrative stand by not reporting on the new findings.

Motivation for Hoax: To support the homosexual agenda, especially homosexual “marriage” and hate crimes laws.

Punishment: N/A

Reference: John Hawkins. “Seven Phony Hate Crimes Trumpeted by the Media.” Town Hall, November 30, 2013.

Note: no compendium of fake hate crimes would be complete without mentioning Matthew Shepherd. He did not fake his own death, of course, but homophile leaders (including his own parents) eagerly exploited his murder to advance their agenda, willingly lying about facts they knew nothing about.


27. Carol Ann Stutte and Laura Jean Stutte

Year and State: 2011, Tennessee.

Description of Hoax: The two “married” lesbians claimed that while they were traveling, someone painted “queers” on the side of their home and burned it down. This, they alleged, was done by their neighbor Janice Millsaps, an alleged “homophobe.” However, a jury sided with the insurance company in the case and found that they had burned their own house down. The lesbians had claimed that Millsaps had said to them, “Do you know what is better than one dead queer? Two dead queers.” This was a lie too, of course.

Motivation for Hoax: Insurance fraud.

Punishment: None.

References: Nicole Hensley. “Tennessee Lesbian Couple Faked Hate Crime and Destroyed Own Home with Arson for Insurance Claim, Jury Rules.” New York Daily News, August 5, 2015; Lucas Grindley. “Women Faked Hate Crime, Jury Rules.” The Advocate, August 7, 2015.


28. Dwight Walker

Year and State: 2000, Vermont

Description of Hoax: Walker’s car was set on fire in the middle of the night

Motivation for Hoax: Political advantage; a homosexual rights law was being debated, and homosexual groups seized this hoax as evidence that they were being oppressed.

Punishment: Walker was charged with third‑degree arson, false reports to law enforcement officers and burning to defraud an insurer.

Reference: “Vermont Gay‑Activist Pastor Admits to Torching Own Car.” LifeSite Daily News, May 3, 2000; Laura Douglas-Brown. “Faked Hate for Failed Police Investigations?” Houston Voice (homosexual weekly), October 4, 2002.


29. Joe Williams

Year and State: 2013, Nebraska

Description of Hoax: Williams claimed that three men beat and robbed him of $1,500 while shouting anti-homosexual slurs. They also painted an anti-homosexual slur on his forehead and attempted to burn his store down.

Punishment: Williams was charged with filing a false police report.

Reference: Chuck Ross. “Report: Man Falsified Police Report in Alleged Anti-Gay Attack.” The Daily Caller, December 26, 2013.


30. Regan Wolf

Year and State: 1998, South Carolina

Description of Hoax: Wolf claimed that someone broke into her home, tied her up, and whipped her. But her story fell apart when an acquaintance reported that she had paid him $50 to beat her up.

Motivation for Hoax: To gain sympathy and attention.

Punishment: $125 fine for filing a false police report.

Reference: Laura Douglas-Brown. “Faked Hate for Failed Police Investigations?” Houston Voice (homosexual weekly), October 4, 2002.


31. Kyle Wood

Year and State: 2014, Wisconsin

Description of Hoax: Wood claimed that a man broke into his apartment and beat him while shouting anti-homosexual slurs. Someone had also spray-painted “faggot” on his car.

Motivation for Hoax: Unknown.

Punishment: Wood was fired from his job.

Reference: “Kyle Wood Assault ‘Unfounded,’ as Wisconsin Volunteer Recants Claim of Hate Crime Attack.” The Huffington Post, July 28, 2015.


32. Anonymous Transgender Student

Year and State: 2014, California

Description of Hoax: A sex-confused teen said that she was physically and sexually assaulted by three boys for using the boy’s restroom, but soon admitted that she made the whole story up.

Motivation for Hoax: Political reasons; there was a bill being debated that would allow gender-confused students to use the bathrooms of their choice.

Punishment: The teen was fully supported by homosexual groups, including the Gay-Straight Alliance Network.

Reference: Ben Johnson.”Transgender Teen Girl Admits Lying about Sexual Assault ‘Hate Crime’ in High School Bathroom.” LifeSite Daily News, March 6, 2014.



This list is only a small sampling of the hoax crimes perpetrated by homosexuals and transgender people. Our next article on hoax hate crimes will delve deeper into this scandal, discussing the dishonest hate crime statistics that LGBT activist groups use to portray themselves as helpless victims.

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