Posted on Oct 21, 2014. Full Post.

Bishops Embrace Pro-Life Proclamation at Latin America Congress

A large assembly of participants react positively to building a Culture of Life at REDESSVIDA in Guadalajara, Mexico.
A unified body of Latin American bishops, priests, and seminarians openly deplored the “culture of death” with an official proclamation at the Third Latin American Congress of Priests and Seminarians for Life (REDESSVIDA). The Proclamation of Guadalajara was read by Father Shenan J. Boquet, President of Human Life International (HLI) at the University Del Valle in Atemajac in Guadalajara, Mexico on October 10, 2014. “This congress was a total success with an assembly of bishops, priests and seminarians focused on ways to effectively promote and defend life from conception to natural death,” said Mario Rojas, Director of HLI Latin America. ”This congress presented…
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Down Syndrome Does Not Make Life Disposable

Posted on Oct 20, 2014. Full Post.
( — The Holy Father’s universal prayer intention for September was, “That the mentally disabled may receive the love and help they need for a dignified life.” This is such a…
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By Way of the Family

Posted on Oct 17, 2014. Full Post.
“To you, upright men and women, who for any reason whatever, give thought to the fate of the family. The future of humanity passes by way of the family. It…
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Pro-lifers Credit Recent Abortion Clinic Closures to Lady

Posted on Oct 16, 2014. Full Post.
( This incredible lady has been credited with saving entire cities targeted for destruction by war. She has been hailed as a protectress and defender. And now she is gaining…
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Our Lady of Czestochowa Visits Las Vegas

Posted on Oct 14, 2014. Full Post.
As we set off for Las Vegas with the Black Madonna, the picturesque southwestern desert joining California and Nevada offered a peaceful backdrop of reflection on the journey of the…
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