Tanzanian Government Crusades Against Contraceptives

President Magufuli is Pro-Life

Since coming to office in 2015, Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli has given many pro-life proofs…and now is going the extra mile. Known largely for reducing spending and attacking corruption, since coming into power he was instrumental in making primary and secondary education free as a fulfillment of one of his campaign promises. He spoke out, telling families since education was now free, they did not need to use contraception and therefore they could have as many children as they wanted.

Tanzanian children at play

He was in the news again earlier this month; CNN reported that Magufuli, affected by the shrinking population in Europe and its myriad effects, stated again people should have more children and not turn to contraceptives. Though media outlets are quick to quote any of his politically incorrect statements, he has himself committed to the government investing in more hospitals (67) and maternal care, and correcting labeled those advocating birth control/sterilization as having bad motives. He actually directed that all media promotion and advertisement of contraception should be stopped and that all billboard promoting contraception should be pulled down. This has already been implemented. HLI Tanzania has been instrumental in the current move, as they have consistently been providing the President with pro-life information and material as well as letting him know the conspiracy behind the contraceptive propaganda. That is why he has previously reported time and again on the terrible effects population control groups have, pushing their agenda onto the African populations. Thankfully, the Tanzanian government has now taken the additional step of banning all family planning ads for TV or radio.

What the mainstream did not report in this recent move is that he actually said, “I am pro-life myself.” With regard to contraception, he asked sarcastically, “How can you sterilize women in the same way you castrate cows”? HLI’s Director for HLI Tanzania (as well as Regional Director for all Anglophone Africa) Emil Hagamu received congratulatory phone calls fr0m people saying the President was now on “our side!” It is expected the President will continue advocating for families.

In 2016 Human Life International participated in a rare event in the country, a rally for Life. Most all parades/marches are banned in Tanzania, but the March for Life was explicitly permitted by the President himself. As Brian Clowes, HLI Director of Education and Research wrote after participating in that mission trip, African nations culturally are natively pro-life. In Kiswahili, he states, a woman who has had an abortion is called a “walking graveyard.” In comparison, a pregnant woman is instead described as a “blessed body,” such respect is there for life. Brian Clowes:

“It is impossible to understand why Africans value human life so much without being aware of their deep-seated love and respect for God, who provides literally everything to them. Africans instinctively avoid unnatural acts like contraception, abortion, and homosexuality, because they have been taught — and have personally witnessed — that such activities always lead to bad health in soul, in mind, and in body, and that they always result in disruptive effects on human relationships.”



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