UK Male Contraception Developing While Condom Manufacturers Eye India

Condom manufacturers are eyeing India as their next big consumer. Their twisted reasoning is that due to India’s population growth, though it has slowed in recent decades, the country has surpassed China in population and become the most populous country on Earth. So, of course, greedy businessmen see this as an opportunity to sell their contraceptives under the guise of “better health.” India’s condom usage rates are low (as few as 5% of men in India use condoms). They are hoping that India will use their products to decrease their population. What a tragic view of the world! To see a large population not only as something to squash but also as something to benefit financially from is another result of the prominence of the culture of death – and a call to pro-lifers to continue in the good fight.

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Elsewhere in the world, in the UK, 16 British men will be the first to try a hormone-free male contraceptive, YCT-529, in the initial test phase. This contraceptive, manufactured by YourChoice Therapeutics, suppresses Vitamin A, which in turn suppresses sperm production. YourChoice Therapeutics claims that YCT-529 is more effective than condoms and that the infertility that comes as a result of suppressing Vitamin A was “100% reversible, with no side effects” in pre-clinical studies.

We know that female birth control not only harms a couple spiritually, but also has devastating effects on health and the environment. This male contraceptive is still in its early stages, and it is unclear whether it will have adverse effects on male fertility and health.

As Catholics, we know the harmful effects that all methods of contraception have on a person and their family.

All forms of contraception, interrupt the conjugal act and frustrates one of the ends of the act. The conjugal act has two ends – procreative and unitive. The gift of human sexuality was given to us by God for these two ends, and, by nature, was meant to be open to life. When we separate one of these ends from the conjugal act, the act itself becomes disordered and we begin violating our marriage vows, which included the promise to be open to life. We also begin to use our spouse as an object of pleasure rather than giving ourselves freely, openly, and selflessly to the other and receiving our spouse in a loving manner.

We shouldn’t accept such evils for our brothers and sisters around the world. Please pray for the success of HLI’s mission, that we are able to bring the gospel of life to the world and heal all those affected by contraception’s horrible effects.

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