Your Vote Counts in Tuesday’s U.S. Mid-Terms

Tuesday’s mid-term elections are of utmost importance and will decide whether pro-life momentum will continue. There have been tremendous gains in the pro-life movement over the past two years, due to electing candidates to federal and state offices who are doing everything they can to protect life. President Trump’s pro-life policies have saved countless babies, women, and families in the U.S. and around the world. Moreover, pro-life governors and state legislatures have passed hundreds of pro-life laws protecting our most vulnerable from the violence of abortion. 

But our pro-life momentum could come to a drastic halt if we let pro-abortion candidates win. This is why it’s urgent we let our pro-life voice be heard next Tuesday!

Many in our nation have forgotten God and His holy will. The consequences speak for themselves: immorality, division, confusion, violence, rejection of the natural family, and indifference toward the most vulnerable of our citizens, the unborn child. We need men and women who will acknowledge the will of God, be servant leaders who trust in Him, and will lead this nation once again to honor God’s will, love the things He loves, and who care more about the good of others than themselves.

Let us pray for our country and its healing, for its citizens and civil leaders, and that this nation will once again defend, love, respect, and serve Life.

2 thoughts on “Your Vote Counts in Tuesday’s U.S. Mid-Terms

  1. We have read the end of the story. God wins. The Woman crushes the head of the serpent. The Immaculate Heart triumphs. An era of peace and virtue ensues.

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