Dr. Rene Bullecer –  HLI’s country director in the Philippines.

Here is a hypothetical question for you: What would you do if your government said they would pay you to promote the Culture of Death?

Well, this actually happened to someone I know very well.

Let me introduce you to Dr. Rene Bullecer — HLI’s country director in the Philippines. He is a faithful Catholic and dedicated pro-life warrior just like you, and he knew what the secular response would do to his beloved homeland of the Philippines.

He is a pro-life warrior and an HLI missionary. 

He is also saving the Philippines from the scourge of HIV/AIDS. Trained in HIV Medicine, Dr. Bullecer is one of the leading experts in the Philippines about the growing global HIV and AIDS crisis.

One day, because he is a well-known expert in this field, the Filippino government offered him a job.  However, the government asked him if he would promote NOT the Culture of Life but rather the Culture of Death. 

What did he say to his government?

Well, I will let him answer that question.

“In 1994, I was offered a job with the Department of Health as the Program Manager for HIV/AIDS Program. I rejected the offer despite the very high salary because I would be promoting condoms knowing that this is not effective in preventing the spread of HIV.”

Dr. Bullecer did what any faithful Catholic would do. 

Inspired by his Catholic faith, Dr. Bullecer was inspired to promote the Culture of Life!

Since he declined this job, Dr. Bullecer has been a Pro-Life warrior in his home country. Today he travels across the country and gave talks, seminars, symposia and organized a series of training on HIV Prevention. Often, he speaks to an audience of 500 lay leaders, sharing with them how to combat the anti-faith and anti-life agendas penetrating Filipino culture.

Dr. Rene Bullecer, physician and head of HLI’s Filipino affiliate, is active every day of the week on media in the Philippines, esp. through our pro-life radio network

Now my question to you is: How is God calling you to be a Pro-Life warrior in your community?

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