Pro-life Training is Beating Population Control in Malawi

Thanks to HLI’s mission, contraceptive use drops despite millions spent promoting it. Our donors’ work in Malawi is so effective that the anti-lifers are getting worried. The Family Planning Association of Malawi just published a report that shows they are losing ground. They’ve spent millions promoting contraception. It’s available and free all over the country.…

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New Missionary Ready to Form a Pro-life Generation in India

A culture maimed by the anti-child mentality is about to hear the Gospel of Life. India is full of two-child families. Go ahead and look around— movie theaters, amusement parks, Catholic churches. The families are all the same. Small. There are exceptions, but they are rare. Something strange is going on. Expanding the Pro-life Mission…

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Unable to Visit, HLI Missionary Sends a Life-Saving Video

When Pastora found herself in a crisis pregnancy, our donors showed her the humanity of her child. Pastora was just a few weeks pregnant and everyone around her was pushing for abortion. Her boyfriend had no interest in being a father. Her mother couldn’t afford to care for her and a baby. Her peers pointed…

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Pro-life Education Program Saves Lives in India

Young Indian woman smiling

See how three mothers’ minds changed when they learned the truth about life and family. Anti-lifers want you to think that every abortion is an informed choice. Our missionaries know this is far from the truth. Fr. Alex of HLI India meets women all the time who think they want abortion or contraception. But they…

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Malawi’s Secret Abortion Bill Exposed

Malawi is safe this year. But we need to be pro-active to protect this country long-term. The pro-aborts are up to their old tricks in Malawi. But thanks to our donors, they didn’t get far. This summer, Fr. Zikomankhani of HLI Malawi was surprised to see an abortion bill up for discussion. This is the…

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After-the-Fact Impact: Pro-life Conferences at Work

African baby girl sitting on the grass

Asel’s work in Namibia shows that the impact reaches way beyond event-day. Have you ever wondered what happens after a conference? Large crowds and rousing talks are all well and good. But did someone’s life change? If everyone went back to business as usual, we would not spend another dime of our donors’ hard-earned money…

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Prayer Vigil in Ukraine Saved this Little Girl’s Life

Vigil participants rescued this newborn from a dumpster near the local abortion clinic. Prayer saves lives. Often, we don’t know whose life, or where, or when. But this time God put a little life right into our hands to show how powerful prayers are. God Used this Vigil to Rescue an Abandoned Baby Girl One…

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Rome Library Empowers Fr. Shanu to Protect the Elderly


This priest is using lessons from our Rome bioethics library to end the custom of elder killing in India. A grandfather walks into a police station in Kerala, India. He claims that his family is planning to kill him. It’s an Indian custom. Families sometimes murder their elderly when they are no longer useful. Often…

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