Thank You for Planting the Seeds of Truth

Inspired by you, Grace and Emil lead an anti-contraception media campaign in Tanzania.

  • Chronic pain or bleeding
  • Permanent sterility
  • Heart failure
  • Depression
  • Cancer
  • Divorce
  • Abortion
  • Spiritual Death

These are the fruits of contraception. It can ruin a woman’s health and marriage. It can even kill.

Because of you, Grace Shayo learned the truth in time to save her friend Rosaline’s life. Now she has joined you in the fight to share this knowledge all over East Africa.

Your Media Campaign Exposes Lies about Contraception

Grace and Emil Hagamu of HLI Tanzania push back against contraceptive propaganda on Radio Maria.

With your help, Grace is working with Emil Hagamu of HLI Tanzania to launch an anti-contraception media campaign. Many women, including Grace and Rosaline, swallowed a poisoned pill of misinformation that they heard in the media.

The culture of death bombards the developing world with its script of lies. They claim contraception will lift families out of poverty, harmonize marriages, and make life easier for women. When that’s the only story out there, people believe it. Grace and Emil are partnering with you to ensure that everyone hears the truth.

Four times a week on Radio Maria, Grace and Emil expose the dangers of contraception. They reveal the role it plays in eugenics and population control and debunk the myth that it is safe to use.

We Need Your Help to Expand our Media Channels

The pro-life media plan focuses on radio, newspaper, and print books. The radio shows are especially effective. At least 85,000 listeners tune in, sometimes calling in to witness to each other about the harm contraception has done in their lives.

This media campaign has had a huge impact already, and it’s just getting started. But there is room to grow. Outlets such as billboards and television are also highly effective, but out of reach financially. The culture of death has deep pockets. They can afford to spread their lies everywhere. If you continue to grow your support, we can set the record straight.

We could never do it without you.

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  1. […] You are making good progress in Tanzania, but we have a long way to go. We need your help to form more NFP programs like this one, and to spread the truth about the intrinsic evil of contraception and its deadly impacts on life and marriage. Grace and Emil Hagamu, HLI’s regional director of English-speaking Africa, are launching a media campaign to do just that. Click here to read all about it! […]

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