Correcting Pelosi with Truth and Charity

“To the Church belongs the right always and everywhere to announce moral principles, including those pertaining to the social order, and to make judgments on any human affairs to the extent that they are required by the fundamental rights of the human person or the salvation of souls.” ─ Catechism of the Catholic Church, no. 2032

In a surprise letter a few days ago, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of the Archdiocese of San Francisco informed U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who resides in San Francisco, that he was taking the rare step of barring her from receiving Holy Communion.

The archbishop was very clear that the reason he was taking this dramatic step was because of Pelosi’s long-term, public, passionate, and unapologetic support for legal abortion, which the Catholic Church teaches is the murder of an innocent human being.

In his letter, Archbishop Cordileone explained that he had on previous occasions communicated his concerns about Pelosi’s support for abortion to her, including in a letter dated April 7, 2022. In that earlier letter, the archbishop had warned that if Pelosi continued to support abortion in public while referring to her Catholic faith, he would have “no choice” but to invoke Canon 915, which states that those “obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin” are “not to be admitted to Holy Communion.”

His recent letter continued,

As you have not publicly repudiated your position on abortion, and continue to refer to your Catholic faith in justifying your position and to receive Holy Communion, that time has now come. Therefore, in light of my responsibility as the Archbishop of San Francisco to be “concerned for all the Christian faithful entrusted to [my] care” (Code of Canon Law, can. 383, §1), by means of this communication I am hereby notifying you that you are not to present yourself for Holy Communion and, should you do so, you are not to be admitted to Holy Communion, until such time as you publicly repudiate your advocacy for the legitimacy of abortion and confess and receive absolution of this grave sin in the sacrament of Penance.

The whole of the archbishop’s letter (which I urge you to read) was an exceptionally lucid explanation of the responsibility for those in public office to support the public good, above all by defending the fundamental rights of the most vulnerable. To this end, the archbishop quoted a statement by Pope St. John Paul II that legislators “have a ‘grave and clear obligation to oppose’ any law that attacks human life. For them, as for every Catholic, it is impossible to promote such laws or to vote for them.”


An Act of Love, Not Politics

In response to Archbishop Cordileone’s decision, the mainstream media has predictably accused the archbishop of meddling with politics. Which is, clearly, nonsense.

As an adult in a position of immense power, Pelosi has chosen to be a Catholic, and has repeatedly and often chosen to draw attention to her Catholic faith in public, often in the very act of defending her support for abortion.

Earlier this year, for instance, Nancy Pelosi voluntarily brought up her Catholic faith while speaking out in support of Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion on demand in the United States. “This has been a precedent of the court that should be upheld by the court,” she said in March.

“It isn’t about ‘What is your religious belief?’ It’s ‘What is the right of people to make their own decisions about the sizing and time — or if — they’re going to have a family,” she added. “This really gets me burned up — in case you didn’t notice — because, again, I’m very Catholic. Devout, practicing, all of that.”

nancy pelosi

It is unclear what Pelosi meant to convey by invoking her Catholic faith here, other than to protect herself from criticism by covering herself in the mantle of “devout” faith. The Catholic Church, however, is an institution that, like any other institution, has a certain set of principles that its members are expected to adhere to. Opposition to abortion is one of its most unambiguous teachings. Furthermore, the Catholic Church’s opposition to abortion is highly publicized, so Pelosi can hardly claim ignorance.

However, despite multiple warnings over the years, she has persisted in championing something that the Catholic Church teaches is gravely evil and contrary to the public good. It is entirely natural that a (arch)bishop charged with preaching and protecting the Catholic faith would be profoundly concerned that someone in Pelosi’s position is sowing confusion about what the Church teaches and undermining the Church’s efforts to protect the common good. Archbishop Cordileone is simply making it clear that Pelosi, who is supporting a serious evil, does not define what it is to be Catholic and what Catholic moral teaching is.

Rather than getting involved in politics, Archbishop Cordileone is in fact doing what is necessary to protect the Catholic faith, to prevent scandal, and to act as a loving shepherd to Pelosi herself, who before long will meet her Maker and must answer for the positions she took on abortion (among other grave moral issues). Her archbishop, too, will have to answer for the measures he took to lead her from her erroneous path, calling her back to the Truth of Christ.

“What does it mean to politicize the Holy Eucharist if one is following Church teaching and applying Church teaching?” Cordileone said in a recent interview with EWTN. “One would have to demonstrate that one is doing that for a political purpose,” he added. “I’ve been very clear all along, my purpose is pastoral, not political. I am not campaigning for anyone for office. As a matter of fact, my preference would be for Speaker Pelosi to remain in office and become an advocate for life in the womb.”

He also added – rightly, in my opinion – that there can be a “reverse” politicization of the Eucharist, in which one could “receive Communion as a means to furthering a political agenda, when one is motivated for that reason.” One can certainly see this reverse politicization at work in the cases of prominent politicians like Pelosi and Biden, who draw attention to their attendance at Mass or reception of the Eucharist as a kind of proof of their moral uprightness, even as they flout Church teaching on numerous fundamental matters.

Archbishop Cordileone’s pastoral concern for Pelosi comes through clearly in the letter. “Please know that I stand ready to continue our conversation at any time, and will continue to offer up prayer and fasting for you,” he wrote to the House Speaker. He also asked his fellow Catholics to pray for all legislators, and especially those Catholic legislators who support abortion.


A False Separation of Faith and Politics

In our country, tragically, two of the most powerful politicians – our President and our House Speaker – are both self-described “devout” Catholics who also support the most radical pro-abortion stance. Both have called for Roe v. Wade to be legislatively passed into law, and oppose just about every restriction on abortion, including restrictions on government funding for abortion.

The fact that these two politicians (and the many other pro-abortion Catholic politicians) have continued to support the slaughter of unborn children with very few repercussions other than the occasional statement from a (arch)bishop, risks leaving the impression in many minds that it is possible to be pro-abortion and a Catholic in good standing. It is not.

In a statement supporting Archbishop Cordileone, Bishop Liam Cary of Baker, Oregon, summarized the situation admirably. “Nancy Pelosi proudly combines ‘devout’ practice of Catholic faith in her personal life with high-profile promotion of legalized abortion in her political life,” he wrote. “The scandalizing gap between belief and behavior on the part of the Speaker of the House grievously misleads her fellow believers about Catholic teaching on social justice and seriously handicaps Catholic efforts to defend unborn life in the womb.”

Pelosi’s conviction that she can publicly support abortion while being a good Catholic is ultimately based upon an extreme version of the idea of the “separation of Church and state,” as if the two things can have absolutely nothing to do with one another. However, the Church has consistently taught that there can be no such absolute separation. Moral demands are binding everywhere and cannot be suspended or set aside simply because one is a politician.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) specifically singled out abortion in a 2002 statement regarding the responsibilities of Catholics in political life. “When political activity comes up against moral principles that do not admit of exception, compromise or derogation, the Catholic commitment becomes more evident and laden with responsibility,” the CDF wrote. “In the face of fundamental and inalienable ethical demands, Christians must recognize that what is at stake is the essence of the moral law, which concerns the integral good of the human person. This is the case with laws concerning abortion and euthanasia…

In its document, Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship (no. 14), the U.S. Bishops reiterate a similar teaching. “As citizens, we should be guided more by our moral convictions than by our attachment to a political party or interest group,” they wrote. “When necessary, our participation should help transform the party to which we belong; we should not let the party transform us in such a way that we neglect or deny fundamental moral truths or approve intrinsically evil acts. We are called to bring together our principles and our political choices, our values and our votes, to help build a civilization of truth and love.”

Unfortunately, politicians like Biden and Pelosi have allowed their relationship with the Democratic party to guide their stance on fundamental moral issues more than their association with the Catholic Church. We can see that dramatically in the progress of President Biden’s support for abortion. In the ’70s and ’80s, he was clearly uncomfortable with abortion, but as the Democratic party got more extreme on the issue, so did he. That’s what you call backwards priorities! “What does it profit a man if he should gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36)


Supported by His Episcopal Brothers

In the days since Archbishop Cordileone issued his statement, a number of his fellow bishops have issued statements supporting him. In nearby Oakland, Bishop Michael Barber took to Twitter to write, “I support [Archbishop Cordileone] in the heroic and compassionate stance he took today in the protection and defense of human life.”

Bishop Robert Vasa, in whose diocese Speaker Pelosi reportedly frequently attends Mass, stated that he has informed the pastor of the parish that Pelosi attends that should she present herself for Communion there, she should be denied.

Other bishops who have publicly supported Archbishop Cordileone include the (arch)bishops of Denver, Springfield, Kansas City, Lincoln, Oklahoma City, Baker, Fort Worth, Tyler, Spokane, Green Bay, Madison, and Arlington.

In comparison to the total number of (arch)bishops in the country, this is still only a small portion. However, it is encouraging to see these shepherds willing to stand up in the face of overwhelming media opposition to support their brother (arch)bishops, and to similarly clarify Church teaching on this most important of issues.

In his interview with EWTN, Archbishop Cordileone lamented that many Catholics simply do not understand Church teaching on the Eucharist, and the proper disposition to receive it. He added that he wants to help Catholics understand “the grave evil of abortion and what it means to cooperate with evil on the different levels.”

“I wanted to be clear in laying out that teaching,” he said.

The archbishop’s courage and clarity are welcome and timely, at this moment when the United States is, if reports are to be believed, on the verge of the dawning of a new, post-Roe era. At this time, we need the courageous, uncompromising support of the Church and our fellow Catholics to face a new stage in the battle to protect life.

A few months ago, Archbishop Cordileone launched a prayer campaign – called Rose and Rosary for Nancy – praying that Pelosi’s heart would change on the issue of abortion. I hope that you will join that campaign, praying during your nightly rosary for Pelosi’s conversion, and for the conversion of all of our pro-abortion Catholic politicians, including President Biden.

And, of course, please pray for Archbishop Cordileone, whose stance has drawn the ire of the media and many powerful politicians. Pray for spiritual protection for the archbishop, for courage for his fellow (arch)bishops, and that the archbishop’s stance will change hearts and save lives.

As Bishop Michael Olson of Fort Worth, Texas, put it in a Tweet: “Please join me in praying for [Archbishop Cordileone] for his protection during these times as he shepherds all of his flock with perseverance and fortitude. Please pray for the ongoing conversion of [Speaker Pelosi] and for others who place themselves at odds with the Gospel of Life.”

About Fr. Shenan J. Boquet

Father Shenan J. Boquet was ordained in 1993 and is a priest of the Houma-Thibodaux Roman Catholic Diocese in Louisiana, his home state, where he served before joining HLI in August 2011. Father Boquet earned a BA from Saint Joseph Seminary College, a Master of Divinity (MDiv) from Notre Dame Seminary Graduate School of Theology, a Certification Program in Health Care Ethics from the National Catholic Bioethics Center, and a Master of Science in Bioethics (MSBe) from the University of Mary in Bismarck. In 2018, Father Boquet was awarded an honorary visiting professorship by the Benedict XVI Catholic University in Trujillo, Peru. He is available for interviews and bookings on behalf of HLI by emailing


  1. Pat on May 30, 2022 at 2:22 PM

    Repeat of my comment on Catholic Culture:

    The Holy Eucharist is a sacrament. It is not a palliative. As the Body and Blood of Christ this sacrament is given the reverence of Latria, thus treated with the highest honor and respect owed to God. Archbishop Cordileone has tried to impress that upon Speaker Pelosi. Sadly, in her pride, the feckless Speaker has rejected the counsel she so desperately needs. The Archdiocese of San Francisco is blessed with an Archbishop of outstanding intelligence, integrity and courage. Thanks be to God!

  2. Anna on May 30, 2022 at 3:00 PM

    Just to play the devil advocate; what if roe vs wade giving women the right to choose is the same as God given us a free will. It’s up to each person to make the right choice rather than a law making the voice for them. Aren’t the Commandments the laws they should follow. In this case it would release Nancy from making the choice for women. I don’t believe she’s in favor of abortion but to put the burden of voice on each individual woman. To be clear I’m pro life.

    • HLI Staff on May 31, 2022 at 2:43 PM

      Anna, Thanks for the opportunity to explain the Catholic position. The Fifth Commandment, revealing the sacredness of all human life, forbids intentional killing of an innocent human being because every person is made in the image and likeness of God. Civil law, in order for it to be just and legitimate, must not contradict the law of God. A Catholic must not follow a civil law that goes against a Divine law of God. God gives us free will. He also gives us laws. Law and free will are not interchangeable. God wills us to choose the Good, and He gives us laws to help us to do just that. Those in government need to craft laws that promote the common good. The so-called “right to choose” (and any law that enables killing the unborn) is not “free will” but permission to choose evil.

    • Edward Kish on June 3, 2022 at 6:47 PM

      Anna, Very good. Refreshing thinking. Thank you.

      Yes : ” I lay before YOU Blessing and Curse. Choose (a “choice” )Blessing” I read this in an old book. “Sin is the ONLY problem.” Fr Bede Kotli9nkie OSB “My ONLY enemy is the Catholic Church.” Margaret Sanger second ghost written auto bio 1938.

      She did not say, “Politicians are my only enemies!”

      Evil has only One enemy…. .org

      ek/co founder

  3. Connie Magro on May 30, 2022 at 4:16 PM

    Praise God for the courage of our Shepherds who are to help us attain Heaven. Thank you and God bless you. May Jesus and His Mother Mary and St. Joseph, the Holy Family always guide our Church in the ways of our Creator God.

  4. Conny Pinder on May 30, 2022 at 5:38 PM

    The church has no right to any comments on what a woman and Dr decide to do with her body. If the church spent as much time and money on easy access to birth control and our foster children there would be little need for abortions.
    And, abortions have been done for hundreds of years. Making them illegal will only make them unsafe. Shame on the Catholic Church and all other anti abortionists
    The article was wildly inaccurate and quite nauseating. I have worked in the maternal health field for over 20 years. Please spend more time on helping families raise the children on our planet. A fetus is not a baby.

    I am no longer a Christian do to the abortion issues and the far right stupidity.
    It is ridiculous to think the spirit occurs at conception.
    Thank God for Nancy.

    • Gerard Pinkas on May 31, 2022 at 10:48 PM

      Twenty years, and you still do not understand the miracle of life? That is sad. I dare you to sit before the tabernacle in any Catholic Church and have it out with God. He will wrestle you all night and you can even demand a blessing like the Patriarch Jacob did. I spent more years than you in OB/GYN and am still filled with wonder at the miracle of life in the womb.
      Find a good book on saints like St. Gerard Majella or Philip Neri, or Martin dr Porres ot St. Francis of Assisi. Check out things like the tilma of Juan Diego or the Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary in Columbia. These are filled with motives of credibility for the truth of the Christian faith. St Gerard, Patron Saint of Mothers, led a life full of miracles. One of many many miracles Jesus performed through him including raising from the dead of both people and animals was of a woman who lost an eye from a chard of pottery. Her eye was rotting in its socket and her doctor could do nothing. The morning after touching a relic of the saint to her eye she woke up and had a new eye. Whole books have been written on this saint’s prodigies.
      The teachings of the Catholic Church are an unquenchable fire and God is pleased to confirm her with many signs for the sake of those who will listen to Him.

  5. ANNETTE M BLICK on May 30, 2022 at 5:42 PM


  6. Judy Shea on May 30, 2022 at 7:22 PM

    I think it is wrong when the church casts out those who are seeking redemption!
    As many priests have been charged with molesting boys and still serving as priest sickens me.
    Has Jesus said he who is without send me cast the first stone!
    The church should stick to inspiring and nurturing troubled people especially in these crazy times.
    On judgment day the good Lord will have the final say.
    Church should be separate from the government.

  7. Helen Marie Vasilevsky-French RN on May 30, 2022 at 8:20 PM

    I SPEAK FOR “FETUSES/BABIES”, by Helen M. Vasilevsky-French-Greer RN, BSN,

    An operating room nurse to whom all LIFE is PRECIOUS!



    As an expert operating room nurse for decades, with also 20 years of employment at the University of Virginia Health System , a Trauma Level l Teaching Hospital, as well aa a mother of three successful children, a grandmother of five wonderful grandchildren , and a great grandmother of eight wonderful great-grandchildren , and as one, who divorced her husband after 50 years of marriage, I still managed to remain a blonde with the help of hair coloring, Yes, I married young.
    *I was made to suffer through a “chemical abortion via Quinine” pills given to me at age 16, by our family physician, whom my mother trusted. However, later after I saw my “first abortion”, in a Virginian hospital during one of my nursing school OB (obstetric) clinicals, which involved a black woman and her baby boy, I realized that I myself had committed a sin against GOD and nature. Since then, there is NOT one day that I do not think about my FIRST baby, who was taken from me because I was so naïve and stupid. My saving grace is knowing thatHE or SHE is in heaven. I then asked GOD for “forgiveness’, and since I am a “follower of Jesus Christ, I know I am forgiven. Thus, through the grace of GOD, I did not have to suffer depression or have thoughts of suicide that many women apparently experience after aborting their baby/babies I.E., especially, if they were brought up in the “CATHOLIC” religion, which leads many women, to have to choose between years of Catholic guilt or even suicide.

    * PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of Helen M. Vasilevsky-French-Greer RN, BSN during a nursing school OB (obstetric) clinical rotation, I.E. , one of my patients was a black mother undergoing a SALINE ABORTION; The fetus/baby was over 6 months old, I.E., too large for either a D&C (Dilation & Curettage or a D&E (Dilation & Evacuation), procedure. Thus, it was regarded as a Second Trimester Abortion. Helen’s thoughts on this mother’s horrific experience during this terrible procedure:

    “I personally will never forget the HELL that this young black mother and her baby went through during her “Saline Abortion”. Her screams of pain and fear are still in my memory. OMGosh, I can only imagine what her fetus/baby in her womb uterus, felt!”

    What is a “SALINE ABORTION”?

    A Saline Abortion is just one type of Second Trimester Abortion , known by OB/GYN doctors as an instillation.

    Literally, an OB doctor or abortionist proceeds to hook up a long needle to some IV tubing, which is hooked up to a bag of “hypertonic saline” I.E., abnormally very salty saline I.E., not the isotonic 0.9%, which is used for fluid replacement and/or for medication infusions. The OB doctor or abortionist, then stabs the mother’s abdomen with a # 11 blade (hopefully he/she had placed some local anesthetic into the skin/subcutaneous tissue first). Then the hypertonic solution via the long spinal type needle and the I.V. tubing is then infused into the baby’s amniotic fluid sac. To make a long story short, the hypertonic saline solution is NOT compatible with life! It is science based that a fetus/baby , while in the womb, poopoos, peepees, swallows its amniotic fluid, turns, moves its arms and legs, grimaces, sucks its thumb, ETC. In this case, the fetus/baby upon swallowing this hypertonic solution, will die quickly; but the entire process of the abortion I.E., the actual expulsion of the fetus/baby usually takes hours. The black mother screamed in pain as she felt her fetus/baby kicking in her uterus/womb. Later, after the baby was determined by the OB nurse to have died, the mother was given some drugs to induce labor (I do not remember the names of the drugs). Before, the end of my shift during this clinical nursing OB (obstetric) rotation, the mother suddenly let out a terrible scream, at which time afetus/baby boy was expulsed from her body. Being born dead, the fetus/baby boy just laid there between the mother’s legs, while the mother cried. A sight, in front of me, almost made me vomit! The sight was something, I never imagined would be part of this particular abortion process I.E., the entire fetus/baby boy’s body was burned down to its subcutaneous layer I.E., denuded, I.E., all normal skin was absent! I could not even tell the race of the fetus/baby boy. The mother literally went berserk and had to be sedated by one of the unit OB nurses. That night, I cried and prayed for that woman and her baby boy, all the way home. Over the years, I have still continued to pray for her. I was never squeamish during my years as an operating room RN…. not even on horrendous burns cases nor on sad or terrible trauma cases. As an expert RN in the operating room arena, I was one of the few that was “floated” into all the OR specialties procedures, as well as onto the OB unit to assist on emergency C-Sections. However, no case ever broke my heart as much as that Second Trimester Saline Abortion during my nursing school OB (obstetric) clinical rotation!


    Respectfully, while one contemplates the scientific facts nowadays, which now show pictures of actual “human conception” I.E., pictures of a woman’s egg being penetrated by a sperm during sex, whether it was performed in love or not, one does has to remember/realize that a woman’s fertilized egg by a man’s sperm does not create a puppy, nor a kitten nor a dinosaur, ETC., (scientists have tried all that) but a fetus/baby ! Yes, there is a full spectrum of opinions in science and non-science writings, regarding abortions, but for the USA to be supposedly, a leader in humane treatment and in the rights of all LIFE, I.E., nationally and internationally, the United States of America must, at least, find a solution to its killing of fetuses/babies especially during the inhumane processes of Second and Third Trimester Abortions. BTW, it is sad that

    The picture of “CONCEPTION” is not surreal! The picture of “CONCEPTION” is real. I, who was raised Catholic, am nowadays a follower of Jesus Christ’s teachings. I do NOT believe in organized religion any longer (a story for another day). AND, I firmly believe that all conceived fetuses/babies were/are meant to be born and not to be destroyed and treated like medical waste.

    (BTW, the word FETUS in the Latin language means “little one”; In Greek, the word FETUS means “a young child, a little boy, a little girl; plural τά παιδία, infants; children; little ones .)

    *During one such lecture, “Of the Natural Rights of Individuals,” James Wilson clarified: ” In the contemplation of law, life begins when the infant is first able to stir in the womb. By the law, life is protected not only from immediate destruction, but from every degree of actual violence, and, in some cases, from every degree of danger.” (*women usually cannot feel the “quickening” I.E. the flutter, movement, etc.

    *”First note that when referring to the embryo at his initial stage of conception, Bouvier calls him “the child.” What kind of child exactly, if not a human child?”

    * “ Wilson explained that the Constitution protects the unborn “from every degree of actual violence, and in some cases, from every degree of danger.” This explains statutes like one in early Virginian law: “But if a woman be with child and any gives her a potion to destroy the child within her, this is murder. For it was not given to her to cure a disease but unlawfully to destroy the child within her.”

    * “ Wilson was referring not to medicine, but to accountability, using a phrase his audience would recognize as the society’s current understanding of fetal development. The implicit principle of his statement is that once you know, you are responsible. By constitutional law and medical testimony, the child is alive whether the mother knows it or not, and once she knows, she must take care of her child.”

    * “ As attested by historian David Barton, “[w]ith today’s technology, it is now possible to know with a certainty that life is within the womb … only a few days after conception. Regardless, whenever it is known that life was within, according to the documents penned by our Founding Fathers, at that point, unborn life was to be protected under the law.”

    * FYI, A Fetal Transvaginal Ultrasound is a test used during early in the pregnancy, as opposed to a generic trans-abdominal). In 2021, the newer ultrasounds are very high tech with them now even having 3-D to 5-D capabilities.


    Today, it appears from data that many abortions are performed via the PILL/PILLs. However, since all the abortion data is reported differently as well as the fact that NOT all states in the USA record the ethnicity of an aborted fetus/baby , thus, I surmise that all data collected is basically incomplete! As an very experienced and diverse operating room RN, I have come to realize that, “No Surgery is Simple” and that all types of abortions are surgical in nature, since even the insertion of an I.V. is considered medically invasive, no matter how the subject is presented to the public. We all know that all pills and OTC medications, etc. of all kinds are NOT simple I.E., just listen to all the horrific and dangerous side effects ones hears about pills and OTC medications, ETC., that are advertised on T.V.! (Sadly, many drugs are touted to cure, but in truth, they only cause remission, I.E., No drug can cure POLIO per se, since the two main factors of POLIO transmission are “poor sanitary conditions, issue which plague most of the world; HIV-AIDS is of the same nature I.E., until the sexual habits of some people are changed, HIV-AIDS is with us forever.) *Even, legally induced abortion via the PILL/PILLS or Surgical Abortion can result in infection, hemorrhage, infertility and even death; one of the pills used in abortion is also a chemotherapy drug!


    *Most importantly, to note is that unlike generic surgery where the OR team is attempting to save patients’ lives, I.E. NOT to kill them I.E., “To Do no Harm”, an abortion of any kind might even kill the woman as well as kills its victim I.E., the fetus/baby on purpose, while making many along the way, very “RICH” I.E.: Some of those who profit from performing abortions or are involved with the abortion supply management arena are: The many free-standing abortion clinics in the USA staffed with cheap labor (UAP/Unlicensed Assistive Personell) along their abortionists, who, BTW, also have become “TRAVELING ABORTIONISTS” (going from one clinic to another and back to home base), as well as “FLYING ABORTIONISTS”, using airflights to go back and forth between multiple abortion sites and their home-base; The companies who make the “abortion equipment” such as the “D&E” (Dilatation & Evacuation) machines, and those who sell the disposable tools/items/custom packs/suction bottles/plastic; the metal instruments (metal curettes, and other metal surgical instruments etc., are reprocessed and used again and again, but then who knows IF the “metal instruments” have been properly sterilized and then, someone has to be paid to properly wash and re-sterilize the metal instruments to prevent spreading infections between the clients); The clinics/facilities, whose fee is paid by the woman or thru grants, donations, and federal funds from Medicaid; The PHARMA companies, who manufacture the various types of abortion pills, which are also sold through local pharmacies and on the black market and handed out by PPH (Planned Parent Hood); The hospitals which receive the “post abortion hemorrhaging or dead women” and ETC!

    (PS, How many “female abortion patients” that have died have from a botched abortion, have had an autopsy performed on them? Autopsies are expensive; in years past, autopsies use to be paid for by the states.)

    *Ironically, in the hospitals, when an “event” occurs, IT is Coded under the Verbiage, “ Complications of Surgery”, so most times, no one really knows the real truths of any abortion death; BTW, I call all medical mistakes, medical errors, I.E. , “FAILURES”, a story for another day BUT, a comment based on science, which I can prove.

    * VERBIAGE from a Texas abortion site on the internet I.E., “the actual abortion procedure (First Trimester) only takes 5 to 15 minutes” (WRONG) and unlike what this verbiage states, abortion is true surgery (Anything invasive is surgery I.E., even the insertion of an I.V. is considered surgery! ) OMGosh, even scrapping the uterus as in a D&C (Dilatation & Curettage) is very invasive and potentially very dangerous! – “there are no incisions or sharp instruments(WRONG) Before the abortion , the patient is prepped by taking misoprostol or another medication to dilate the cervix. Under 13 weeks, suction is used to remove the pregnancy from the uterus. This is called a vacuum aspiration abortion. (PS, the tubing is attached to a plastic cannula/instrument that is very sharp I.E., Just as sharp as a metal instrument.) The tubing is then hooked up to a vacuum- type machine. After 13 or 14 weeks, the cervix is dilated, instruments are placed into the uterus, and the uterus is emptied with suction and instruments.)

    *An example how dangerous a “simple” D&C (Dilatation & Curettage) can be: I was circulating on this particular D&C, I.E., a case where the fetus/baby had died in utero. If the “products of conception” had not all be evacuated and then remain in the uterus too long, even after the fetus/baby dies, an infection will quickly ensue I.E., all the tissue develops gangrene. In this case, soon after the patient was anesthetized, and was prepared for her abortion procedure, the OB doctor, began the D&C, when all of a sudden he yelled out, “We have to do a hysterectomy!!!” The bleeding was profuse and pumping/squirting I.E., a pumping/squirting denotes a major arterial vessel was cut. No amount of “packing” could stop the bleed. Thank GOD, that I had seen the first of the blood “pumping out” and thank GOD that we were in a hospital, where a team could be there literally within 5 minutes with a “hysterectomy case cart and a scrub nurse already to go to set up the emergent procedure.” Sadly, the young woman did undergo an emergency hysterectomy and did not die. Later, I heard the OB doctor say to someone, “Just code “IT” under a “Complication of Surgery”.


    Please read the following about some of the ‘Abortion Methods” simply stated as possible by this expert operating room Registered Nurse. *Anyone can go on to their cell phone or on the Internet under PPH (Planned Parenthood) and ETC., to read further descriptions/instructions of various abortion methods as well as about abortion drugs, I.E., Mifepristone (Previously RU-486, now called “the abortion pill”, was developed by the French. Interestingly, it was the same company that developed the “poison gas” used in concentration camps; Mifepristone is usually used along with Misoprostol, a “medication used to prevent and treat stomach and duodenal ulcers.” Most medications are used in off -approved methods.

    *A “D&C” procedure , is used to treat heavy bleeding, etc.; as far as its use in abortions, it is usually indicated only for a fetus/baby usually up to the age of 3 months I.E., “Dilatation & Curettage I.E. The “cervix is dilated and then the uterus is curettaged/scraped with a “plastic or metal” curette I.E., scraped of all the products of conception”. If the uterus is not thoroughly curettaged, any products of conception still in the uterus will cause the woman’s uterus to either get infected, bleed, or even hemorrhage.

    *A “D&E” is the next step-up in the abortion process since the fetus/baby is too large to be curettaged and be evacuated by a generic D&C. “Dilatation & Evacuation” is used for abortions after the third month, I.E., a Second Term Abortion . It is an abortion procedure in which “the cervix is dilated with “small to large dilators”; then, literally, the fetus/baby is cut-up/chopped-up with sharp metal or sharp plastic curettes until there is no visible signs of normal tissue or organs or bone flowing out into the abortion suction tubing to a plastic or glass bottle. When the process is deemed finished, all the contents of conception are examined. The sound of the loud Abortion Vacuum/Suction Machine goes quiet.


    An induced premature vagina birth is usually combined with a drug/s, where upon a fetus/baby is killed with a drug/s (usually, digoxin) injected into the fetus/baby heart’s rendering it dead. After the mother receives more abortion inducing drugs, the fetus/baby is then expulsed and/or pulled out from the uterus. This type ofSecond Trimester Abortion procedure is called an induction. The mother is first given a drug such as prostaglandin or oxytocin, which will cause her to go into labor. Often the fetus/baby is killed at the same time in order to avoid the possibility that the mom will deliver a live baby. However, live births are a real possibility. As in the case of intact D&E abortions, these procedures are usually performed on babies who are too young to survive outside the womb. Again, if the baby emerges alive, the usual response is to set the child aside and allow it to die in a basin; BTW, in Virginia, Governor Northum in 2019, when asked what is done if a Third Term Abortion baby is born alive, he stated the “baby would be made comfortable……..”. OMG! ( )


    This method is another step-up in the abortion procedure. During any “normal C-Section”, a woman is usually given a “spinal” with drugs to soothe her; she is also given supplemental oxygen for her health’s sake as well as for her fetus/baby’s sake. However, during an emergency C-Section, “general anesthesia” is administered stat to the mother, so the life of the mother and the life of her baby can be enhanced. BUT, at the same time during an emergency C-section, the general anesthesia also anesthetizes not just the mother, so she does not feel any pain, but also anesthetizes the baby. Thus, surgical speed and expertise is of the essence!

    Sadly, however, during a C-Section Abortion used to abort the fetus/baby , a drug/drugs are injected into the baby’ heart to stop its heart, thus the baby has no blood going/circulating into its lungs, thus it stops breathing, and thus, death occurs!


    This type of THIRD TERM ABORTION is a heinous procedure called D&X. In my opinion, it had to be invented by the DEVIL himself. This abortion method was invented by Dr. Kermit Gosnell from Pennsylvania; I encourage everyone to see the movie, “The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer ‘ . Purportedly, the State of Pennsylvania was aware of his “business” for over 10 years. He was sentence to LIFE in prison in May 2013 . In my opinion, the movie is very well done per se, and should be viewed by all teenagers over the age of 14, since it does not show the actual horror or slaughter of his victims I.E., the fetal/baby .However, on the other hand, perhaps the public is then made to believe that abortions are not so bad? Currently, some of the films produced today have even more horrible images in them than seen in the Dr. Gosnell movie.

    His methodology of death is known as “D&X”, which as I stated, he invented. He murdered thousands off fetuses/babies over his decades as an abortionist; many women also died from complications from their abortions performed by Dr. Gosnell. His “D&X” procedure was just another type of Third Term Partial Birth Abortion. However, Dr. Gosnell was very sly. In order not to get charged for “murder”, I.E., he did NOT deliver his babies alive and then murder them! He would place his uterine obstetrical forceps into the uterus and turn the baby into a breech position I.E., feet first (A very painful maneuver for the mother unless she is under general anesthesia); Then Dr. Gosnell would pull the baby out of the uterus just up to its head! (Breech babies are sometimes delivered feet first, but most of the times, in these days, most are delivered by a generic C-section. Case in point, in my decades in the operating room, I have NEVER seen an un-necessary C-section! OMG, shoulder injuries and brain damage, ETC., should never exist in 2021. After the fetus/baby body was out of the uterus, Dr Gosnell then made a hole at the base of the skull with scissors and then proceeded to clip the spinal cord and suck out the brain, which of course, decompressed the baby’s skull, enabling the head to come out easily. Of course, the baby was dead! Thus, importantly, Dr. Gosnell’s technique absolved him of murder charges legally since the baby was dead when he pulled the baby out of the mother’s vagina canal, I.E., technically, since the baby was dead, it could NOT take a BREATH of LIFE , to legally make him/her a LIVE human being ! BTW, another well done movie is “ROE vs WADE”, which purportedly sheds light on the behind the scene politics of “ROE vs WADE”.


    We all know that there are many more types of “abortion” methods I.E., on Navy boats, placing “seaweed” into a pregnant woman’s cervix, was/is used to initiate an abortion ( sterilized seaweed is used today in clinics to start the abortion process); In other instances, “coat hangers” were and still might be used…ETC! SAD! SAD! However, ALL abortion methods then and now, are still dangerous to a woman’s life. As I often state on my Facebook site I.E. Helen M. French, “There is No Such Thing as Simple Surgery”. My site is not for socializing. My site is for “saving patients’ lives, since ALL life is precious”, especially that of babies. Another story for another day.……hmf, bsn, rn

    * FYIs,

    This is an old stat but the “thinking” by some on the topic of abortions is really inhumane I.E., “for every $1 spent by government to pay for abortions for poor women, about $4 is saved in public medical and welfare expenditures incurred as a result of the unintended birth.”


    A critical and horrendous situation that endangers ALL women undergoing “ABORTIONS” is the fact that not only are there many UAP (Unlicensed Assistive Personell/techs, etc.) assisting the abortionists but that NOW, many abortions are purportedly are being allowed to be performed by “non-medical staffers” such as generic RNs, Midwives (some are RNs and some are not, and PAs (Physician Assistants who have either a two year associate degree and/or a four degree, and some clinical upon graduating.) This is posing a danger to the mother! None of these three groups have gone to and/or graduated from medical school I.E., they are not medically trained I.E., they have not gone through “medical school” or beyond! (To confuse the situation, All states have various programs requirements.) These numerous types of curriculums might also endanger generic patients undergoing generic surgery, since generic surgical patients have no idea that even many of the staffers on their case in the operating room arena, are working outside of their job skills and even their qualifications.

    Many states have passed or are working on laws pertaining to ABORTION that their constituents had/have no idea about, I.E., two examples: In New York, “any health care practitioner that is licensed or authorized under Title Eight of the Education Law (Section 6500, et seq.) may perform an abortion, if it is within the scope of their practice. In addition to M.D.s, this could also include nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and midwives , I.E., NONE of WHICH ARE MEDICALLY TRAINED! A FEW WEEKS of PRACTICE does NOT DEEM RNs or PAs qualified to perform abortions!

    “ In 2019 , The New York State legislature has put in place one of the most radical abortion laws in the United States following a vote in both chambers on Tuesday.

    The law is meant to put forth the “fundamental right” to abortion and end protections from babies in the womb up to birth. THREE FACTS below:

    *The law allows non-physicians to perform abortions. “A health care practitioner licensed, certified, or authorized under title eight of the education law, acting in his or her lawful scope of practice, may perform an abortion ,” the law states. (Again, in my expert nursing opinion A FEW WEEKS of PRACTICE does NOT DEEM RNs or PAs qualified to perform any abortion!)

    * The law prevents pregnant women whose babies are killed in an attack on the mother from seeking justice …………

    * Pro-abortion advocates said the law would protect legal abortion even in the event that the U.S. Supreme Court overturns the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision to make abortion legal — a decision that did no go as far as the New York law. “[The law] not only increases access to abortion across the board, including late-term abortions but also goes beyond Roe, which left some limits in place,” Catholic News Service reported.

    New York’s Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the bill into law.


    “Under CA Educ Code § 99251 (2019), California public universities, such as UCs and CSUs, will be required to provide abortion by medication techniques at university student health centers starting January 1, 2023. This will expand access to surgical abortion, as well as cater to other needs of pregnant students on campuses.” ……..CALIFORNIA HAS PASSED LEGISLATION RECENTLY THAT WILL MAKE “ABORTIONS” AFTER BIRTH TO BE LEGAL.

    (Jun 24, 2021 · California State lawmaker Christine Kehoe is proposing legislature to allow nurse practitioners, physician assistants and nurse midwives to perform routine abortions in …………….”


    I believe that these are huge endeavors, which can be a slippery slope to procure “grants and monetary gifts” for the sake of making money and accumulating power and prestige. The proof is that none of this research has ever cured any DISEASE I.E., perhaps remission of disease I.E. Living longer in some cases, but NEVER any cure!

    (I will not go into the issues that are being written about in books and in INTERNET articles about what some are doing to alive and dead FETI/BABYS!…..Sad stories for another day,)


    LOL, even scientists call the fetal/babycells HUMAN. Hum Vaccin Immunother

    . 2015;11(4):998-1009. doi: 10.1080/21645515.2015.1009811.

    “Characteristics and viral propagation properties of anew “human” diploid cellline,Walvax-2, and its suitability as a candidate cell substrate for vaccine production” / Bo Ma 1, Li-Fang He, Yi-Li Zhang, Min Chen, Li-Li Wang, Hong-Wei Yang, Ting Yan, Meng-Xiang Sun, Cong-Yi Zheng

    “Human K diploid cell strains (HDCSs), possessing identical chromosome sets known to be free of all known adventitious agents, are of great use in developing human vaccines. However it is extremely difficult to obtain qualified HDCSs that can satisfy the requirements for the mass production of vaccines. We have developed a new HDCS, Walvax-2, which we derived from the lung tissue of a 3-month-old fetus. We established primary, master and working cell banks successfully from reconstituted frozen cells……………..”

    Again, in science-based opinions, and in the Latin and Greek language, the word, FETUSis translated as LITTLE ONE; One does not have to be a medical doctor to realize that a baby is NOT a puppy, nor a kitten nor a dinosaur, ETC., It is a human being I.E. FETUS/BABY. The Sixth Commandment says, “Thou shalt NOT kill, however, the word kill translated biblically, means murder. This SIXTH COMMANDMENT NEEDS NO FURTHER EXPLANATION!

    “Murder is killing without cause, its taking an innocent life, while killing is allowed as a means of criminal punishment or self-defense. There’s a big difference. The proper translation of the Hebrew “ratsach” I.E. “Thou shalt not kill” (Exodus 20:13 kjv) means not to commit murder.”


    This a true story of replicating cells from a stage #4 terminal cancerous cervix from Henrietta Lacks. *Today, Mrs. Lacks cells are still replicating! Her cells are called, HELA CELLS . She was a black woman from Roanoke, Virginia, I.E., “MRS. HENRIETTA LACKS”! She had cervical cancer. Because she was a black woman, no doctor would treat her cancer in Virginia; thus, she was sent to Johns Hopkins in Maryland. After having some biopsies of her cervix, she did died about three months later. *However, to all doctors’ amazement her cells kept/keep replicating as well as became the building blocks for ALL vaccines manufactured. If interested, I will share/send to anyone on the Supreme Court a copy of my speech and my reasons for nominating her for a statue to be built in her name. Her story is remarkable!

    It was in 2011, when the State of Virginia asked for submissions of recommendations for NINE women, who contributed the most to the history of Virginia. Thus, I wrote up my opinions as well as presented my arguments at a local university to Virginia State officials as to why I believed that “Henrietta Lacks” should have the honor of being one of the NINE women . If she would have been chosen, a statue of Mrs. Henrietta Lacks would have been built and placed at the Richmond Capitol Square along with the other “eight”. Sadly, she was not one of the nine chosen women. However, I stated that it was (and still is) my opinion that at least her children and grandchildren should have had their education paid for forever, since PHARMA has made billions of dollars over the years from Mrs. Lacks‘ replicating cells which were/are used in vaccines. The Mission to Honor Contributions of the Women of Virginia Public Forum” was presented at James Madison University Public Forum, October 24, 2011 . *Please see the attached “Timeline” graph of Henrietta Lacks HeLa Cells . Although, I have been unable to discover who created the graph, I feel that the graph tremendously portrays all the “immortal” timelines of Henrietta Lacks’ cells since 1951.


    FYI, a book was written about Mrs. Henrietta Lacks as well as a movie was produced by Ophra Winfrey. As an expert operating room nurse, who is always doing research for the benefit of humanity, and as one to whomAll Life is Precious, I found the movie wanting. Maybe, one of you on the Supreme Court would convince Governor Northum of Virginia (he use to be a pediatric neurologist) a proponent of the Virginia Third Trimester Abortion, to posthumously give the HONOR of building a statue in the memory of Henrietta Lacks’ contribution to humanity! I also wrote to Governor Douglas Wilder about Mrs. Lacks, but received no response.


    *DOES a FETUS/BABY in UTERO FEEL PAIN? An old saying says: “A Picture Says a Thousand Words” ! There are thousands of pictures of “in utero fetuses/babies in PAIN. The research is not new, but they still all remain daunting and sad!

    Fact Sheet: Science of Fetal Pain – Charlotte Lozier Institute

    Feb 19, 2020 · “Unborn babies can feel pain by 20 weeks gestation or earlier. The old, uninformed notions that unborn and newborn babies cannot feel pain are refuted by a growing body of scientific evidence. The published scientific literature shows that unborn babies can experience pain at 20 weeks gestational age (20 weeks LMP, since Last Menstrual Period, the fetal age estimate used by most obstetricians) or ……”


    *A vaginal ultrasound as early as 5 1/2 to 6 weeks after gestation I.E., When Does a Fetus Develop a Heartbeat?

    “Through the use of ultrasounds, modern science can detect the waves of the baby’s heartbeat as early as three weeks after fertilization. Although the child’s organs have not yet fully formed, soon after this three-week mark the heart beats between 105 to 122 times per minute.” Later as the fetus/baby develops, the heartbeat will climb to 140 and over.”

    Fetal heartbeat | Radiology Reference Article …

    *“Fetal Heartbeat can be detected as early as 34 days (just under 6 weeks) gestation on good quality, high frequency transvaginal ultrasound, as a crown rump length (CRL) of as little as 1-2 mm. If a fetal heartbeat cannot be identified with a CRL ≥7 mm using transvaginal scanning, then embryonal demise can be diagnosed 3,4.”

    *Mar 15, 2021 · A baby’s heartbeat can be detected by transvaginal ultrasound as early as 3 to 4 weeks after conception, or 5 to 6 weeks after the first day of the last menstrual period.

    The heart is the first organ to form and become functional, emphasizing the importance of transport of material to and from the developing infant. It originates about day 18 or 19 from the mesoderm and begins beating and pumping blood about day 21 or 22.


    *PLEASE NOTE: RACES, per statistics, nationally ARE BEING DECIMATED BY ABORTION!. In my opinion, “SOON THERE WILL BE NO “CULTURES” LEFT I.E., NO “customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group”. For any children, grandchildren and great grandchildren NOT to really know about their and others’ heritage and culture is like being blind from birth , and not being able to see God’s earth and all of HIS creations. OMGOSH, HOW BORING CAN THAT BE I.E., btw, is that NOT what angered GOD about the PEOPLE CONGREGATING AROUND THE TOWER OF BABEL”?

    *NOT all states in the USA report the ethnicity of aborted babies in their abortion data!


    China’s one-child policy started in 1980 and was strictly enforced before it was officially ended in January 2016 in favor of a two-child policy. Responding to its 2020 census results, China introduced a three-child policy in May 2021 after Chinese mothers gave birth to just 12 million babies in 2020

    *******SANGER, the Founder of PPH (Planned Parenthood):

    Respectfully, I know I am preaching to the Supreme Court “choir”, but since many in the public are unaware of her stance, here are just a few SHOCKING QUOTES BY MARGARET SANGER I.E., Incredibly Shocking Quotes from Planned Parenthood (Many more of Mrs. Sanger’s ’ quotes can be easily found on the INTERNET!)…….

    “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.” In a letter to …

    “I accepted an invitation to talk to the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan.” In 1926, Sanger spoke at …

    “They are…human weeds,’ ‘reckless breeders,’ ’spawning… human beings who never should have …

    “Birth control is nothing more or less than…weeding out the unfit.” Sanger famously coined the term …(See full list on

    Sadly, I ask, Is Margaret Sangers’ influence coming to fruition? In my opinion, her past words and the corresponding actions of PPH (Planned Parenthood) have NOT diminished in their purpose. In my opinion, this is demonic verbiage.)


    “Black women make up 14 percent of the childbearing population, yet obtained 36.2 percent of reported abortions. Black women have the highest abortion ratio in the country, with 474 abortions per 1,000 live births. Percentages at these levels illustrate that more than 19 million black babies have been aborted since 1973.iv”

    “Newly released census data shows that the United States has become more diverse over the last decade, while the white population is also on the decline.” I ask, “Are the HISPANIC families going to follow the same path?

    CDC: 36% of Abortions Abort Black Babies | CNSNews

    CDC: 36% of Abortions Abort Black Babies. ( – Although black Americans comprise 13.4% of the U.S. population, they accounted for 36.0% of the abortions in 2015, which was almost identical to the percentage of abortions (36.9%) that year among white Americans, who make up 76.6% of the population. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) documented in its Abortion Surveillance report for 2015 – released on Nov. 23, 2018 – there were 124,893 white abortions …

    *Eliminating a population through abortion destroys a population that will work and pay taxes. Legalizing abortion imposes a loss of between $70 billion and $135 billion of economic activity (valued work),13) and between $10 billion and $33 billion in annual tax revenue. BTW: The use of abortion “pill/pills” has to skew all actual abortion numbers, since they are performed in secret.


    Jan 21, 2021 · With a perfect storm of aging residents, low birth rates, COVID-19 deaths and immigration cutbacks, 16 states saw population decreases last year as the United States experienced the slowest national population growth since the Great Depression. The nation grew only about 7% between 2010 and 2020, similar to the previous historic low between ………..(The black population is in decline: 3 out of every 4 abortions in America are black babies — more than double that of whites)

    (BTW, does anyone on the Supreme Court realize that IBUPROFEN causes “INFERTILITY”? YES, “infertility” is one of the side effects of the drug. Interesting is it not? A pseudo birth control method?)

    * The ACGME”:

    “In 1995,The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME ) instituted a policy earlier this month requiring all teaching hospitals to provide abortion training to their residents.”) Today, in 2021, most staffers in private facilities/hospitals have to “do” basically what their employer asks of them or else one will lose their job under the term“ abandonment of one’s patient” ; however, all states especially those that are unionized do have different protocols. At my University of Virginia Health System operating room arena in Charlottesville, Virginia, during my 20 years of employment there, I and others, were able to sign a “paper”, which stated that we took a “religious exemption” from being forced to participate in abortions; BTW, medically, the words “miscarriage and abortion” have the same meaning. Thus, if a woman has a miscarriage, I.E., her baby was already dead, I and others, per our conscience, were able to either “circulate and/or scrub” on that case. However, there was never any lack of personnel, who would assist on LIVE fetus/baby abortion procedures; ANY facility receiving federal funds, has to perform abortions, IF they want their federal funding to continue! .

    “The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) instituted a policy earlier this month requiring all teaching hospitals to provide abortion training to their residents. Under the new guidelines, hospitals must teach abortion techniques to all its obstetrics and gynecology (OB-GYN) residents, except those, who are morally or ethically opposed to the procedure.” ”Institutions who do not perform or support abortions are required to send their OB-GYN residents to other hospitals to be trained.”

    “But the policy will have little effect on the joint OB-GYN residency program run by two of Harvard’s teaching hospitals, Massachusetts General and Brigham and Women’s, which already offers optional abortion training to their 36 residents. *Residents are given the option of training in dilation and evacuation I.E. D&E, a procedure used to treat women who have experienced fetal death, miscarriage or who are having abortions………..”)


    US and world COVID vs abortion death rates.2020 US Abortion Deaths — 482,000; 2020 US COVID Deaths — 142,000; 2020 Worldwide Abortions Deaths — 22,657,000; 2020 Worldwide COVID Deaths — 617,000;

    *Since 1973 US: Abortion Deaths — 63 MILLION; Since 1980 WORLDWIDE: Abortion Deaths — 1.58 BILLION; view the ABORTION CLOCK.

    Real-Time United States Abortion Statistics …

    *Real-Time United States and World- Wide Abortion Clock. abortions in the United States since Roe v. Wade. Information. Abortion statistics are taken from the National Right to Life Abortion Statistics Factsheet.

    (However, this data really could not possibly report ALL of the USA abortions numbers, since many abortions now are initiated by the “ABORTION PILL/PILLS”, which are basically clandestine.)


    * “Why are some women having many multiple abortions?” (Excluding for “rape, incest, health issues of a woman”). As the USA Supreme Court is aware, that in the case, “Roe vs Wade”, Norma Leah Nelson McCorvey lied about being raped. Norma was pregnant, but not as a result of rape. However, because she lied, Norma, was made to be a “poster child” for “Abortion Upon Demand”. After having three children, two of which were put up for adoption, and one remained with the father, she stated later in life after becoming a Christian, in a 1989 New York Times article, “More and more, I’m the issue. I don’t know if I should be the issue. Abortion is the issue. I never even had an abortion.” *In this day and age, I ask, “Why are so many women not taking more personal responsibility to prevent a pregnancy by using the rhythm method or by the use of contraceptives or even have their tubes tied (Bilateral Tubal Ligation)?

    *”WHY is a dangerous procedure like ABORTION (No Surgery is Simple, as an EXPERT OPERATING ROOM RN for decades, this is a truth I can prove! ) selected as an option, again, since, there are ALL types of contraceptives available to be had, FREE as well as at different prices.” IF women can get their hair done, and/or have their nails painted and even gelled, they can afford some sort of contraceptive! Sadly, in my opinion, I see personal responsibility being absent within many women’s circles. Just 3 interesting and critical facts, I.E., Heat and Time disintegrate condoms, (and surgical gloves). And, condoms are overrated, since minute holes in them cannot be seen by the naked eye. And, condoms never protect a man’s genitalia from an infected woman’s genitalia: that misconception, misinformation, disinformation, LIE, is what is causing STDs ( (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) to flourish. I have already mentioned the fact that there is NO cure for HIV or AIDS or HPV, ETC., I.E., pills only postpone the symptoms. This is called remission!

    *”WHY should those that are Pro-Life have to pay for the ABORTIONs of others? I say, NO WAY! “

    *”WHY does it take so long for ADOPTIONS to be processed?” Besides the issue of often having couples wait for years for an adoption to go through, as well as being too expensive a process for most I.E., surely, in 2021, the adoption process can be made shorter and cheaper!

    *”WHY, cannot there be a LIMIT to the number of Feti/Babies a woman can abort I.E., no limit to one’s pregnancy, NO food stamps, and NO other subsidies , I.E., TOUGH LOVE!

    *”WHY, not BUILD an ISLAND/S, just for mom’s unwanted babies? If China can build islands in the oceans for their weaponry, why cannot the USA build islands for unwanted babies so they can live there with their mother or pseudo mother instead of murdering feti/babies via abortion. In my opinion, a Montessori School System should be the method of education for all the children (K-12) on this ISLAND.

    *” “WHY NOT PLACE UNWANTEDFETI/BABIES INTO Balloons I.E., artificial WOMBS for incubating feti/babies already in existence?” This question was asked just recently by a TV host? HOWEVER, I ask, “Would even defected feti/babies be allowed to exist in these “bubble balloons” to their fruition?”


    THE WOMEN”S HEALTH PROTECTION ACT 2021 , in my opinion, was crafted as slyly as was the NEW YORK 2019 ABORTION BILL, which was signed into law by Governor Cuomo. OMG, unbelievable to me was the fact that EVILNESS already prepared well to circumvent the United States Supreme Court, just in case ROE vs WADE was struck down!

    Jun 08, 2021 · H.R.3755 – Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021 117th Congress (2021-2022) |. H.R.3755 – Women’s.

    Sadly, if “passed into federal law, abortion access across the country would continue to be protected under WHPA (The Women’s Health Protection Act).”



    As an operating room RN, and more importantly as a RN, is the fact that WE TOOK AN OATH at our Capping Ceremony in the 1970s, I.E., “TO DO NO HARM”! This premise, this realization, this honor given to us, is what it is all about to most nurses I.E., the LIFE and the QUALITY of LIFE from our patients’ BEGINNING to their END. I firmly believe that IT is only the FEW that believe in abortion. I firmly believe that IT is only the FEW that believe in especially the SECOND TRIMESTER ABORTION and THIRD TRIMESTER ABORTIONS. Just like in a murder case, which has gone to trial I.E. premeditation is taken into consideration during sentencing of the perpetrator of the crime, IF premeditated, “IS IT MURDER or IS IT KILLING?” We as nurses, and we as a society, morally or ethically cannot, should not take the LIFE of another just to appease a FEW that state IT IS OK TO MURDER someone just for someone else’s CONVENIENCE! WE ALL HAVE TO BE BETTER THAN THAT! (PS, THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH THAT DOCTORS USE TO TAKE UPON BECOMING “DOCTORS”, HAS BEEN EDITING…..NO MORE, “TO DO NO HARM” is in the OATH; IN MANY CASES THE OATH IS NOT EVEN MENTIONED.)

    I pray that women would stop using the premise that IT IS THEIR BODY, THEIR CHOICE. When a woman is pregnant, IT IS TWO BODIES I.E., the mother’s as well as the FETUS/BABY, I.E., “the LITTLE ONE”, who is living there temporarily! Each fertilized egg, implanted in a mother’s womb is there so each “LITTLE ONE” born could be taught about love and to love as well as be nurtured and to be kept safe, so there would be more “LITTLE ONES” to carry on the LOVE to future generations. I think that the USA is doing a terrible job stemming fetal/baby abuse in the womb and/or outside the womb! OMGosh, if the State of New York in 2019 could change all of their “Penal Codes” in order to pass their 2019 Abortion Bill, so no man or woman could be charged with the murder of a fetus/baby, surely, the many good people of the USA can come up with some innovative ways to save all unwanted babies lives from abortion!

    (John Stuart Mill purportedly stated, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing!”)

  8. Rita Parquette on May 31, 2022 at 10:48 AM

    Thank you for this comprehensive article.

    I’d like to take it a step further. Since abortion is often the backup to failed contraception, why do we hear so little Catholic teaching about the widespread consequences of contraception in our culture? Some quickly come to mind such as divorce & the breakdown of the family. Increased sex amongst adolescents which exposes them to STDs & many difficult physical side effects for young women.

    This could be a long comment, but I refrain as I’m sure you have lots of them from better qualified folks than an old nurse, & grandmother of seven grandchildren. As the Lord said to the weeping women who followed him as He carried his cross to be crucified, “Do not weep for me but weep for your children.”.

    • HLI Staff on May 31, 2022 at 1:19 PM

      You are exactly right, Rita. HLI’s founder Fr. Paul Marx often said contraception is at the root of abortion, and that’s why HLI’s mission goes beyond abortion, bringing all of Christ’s teaching on life and family to the world, including chastity and the meaning of marriage. This pulls abortion out by the roots.

      • Rita Parquette on May 31, 2022 at 2:31 PM

        Thank you for your response. Sometimes it makes me a little crazy. It’s like the third rail issue of our time. It took me awhile to understand how abortion & contraception are so related. I’ve been involved in the pro- life movement from the beginning.

        I think about very young women getting pregnant while using contraceptives, getting pregnant & also getting deserted by the guy who tells her it’s her problem. When I was a teenager, women who got pregnant before marriage often became married as the guy assumed his responsibility. Where is chastity & where are the real men?

        I know someone who took the pill for years & when she finally got married & tried to have a baby she had three miscarriages & finally found out that contraception ages the lining of the uterus & makes it difficult to get pregnant. She finally did get pregnant twice after help from a napro doctor. There are many other side effects from use of contraception. Breast cancer is another one many women aren’t told about by their doctors. Dad…

  9. Gerard Pinkas on May 31, 2022 at 10:35 PM

    The hardening of a heart is not a thing that happens instantaneously. It begins in childhood when one chooses to do evil in little things and grows as even worse decisions are made. Evil reinforces evil and good reinforces good. A hardened heart is a very sad thing as it cuts off a soul to the grace and knowledge of God and reality. The philosopher/theologian Thomas Aquinas wrote that the first effect of the misuse of the sexual faculty is a diminution of the intellect. Certain drugs as marijuana especially in adolescents can complicate the maturation process even further. I expand Aquinas’ view to include all forms of hedonism which are at heart forms of sloth since they seek rewards without taking on the responsibilities of the labor. That includes contraceptive sex since it directly rejects the will of God for sexual intimacy and seeks its pleasure outside of nature’s purpose.
    Birth control was developed explicitly for the purpose of genocide. Some very unethical experimentations with highly toxic levels of birth control pills were conducted in the past (e.g. Puerto Rico) leading to many deaths. Birth control is the only pharmaceutical given for the explicit purpose of inducing a pathology (infertility) for the sake of the pathology. Runoff waste from these pills equivalent to an eye dropperful in a million gallons causes transsexualization of certain species of fish and is probably responsible for the silent extinction of whole species of aquatic life. In human beings due to probable interference with the masculinization of the fetus that begins in in early gestation, this runoff is probably a factor in the increase in tendency toward the heavy cross of homosexuality. Birth control is the mother of abortion.
    A long time ago I learned to find refuge in spending time before the Blessed Sacrament. There I learned how to listen to the voice of God and find peace in a world that is going mad on its insane hedonistic quest that even declares a human being yet to be born not even a human being. The fact remains that the blood of those unjustly killed cry out for vengeance to God and that will never end.

    • Rita Parquette on June 1, 2022 at 2:16 PM

      Thank you Gerard!
      Pray, pray pray… especially in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

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