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Hope After Abortion: Nigerian Woman Has Abortion, Finds God

A woman from Nigeria returned to God thanks to a seminarian at a March for Life sponsored by HLI. Chibudom’s parents divorced when she was still in school. Chibudom lived with her mother, and the divorce was difficult economically on the family. Her mother resorted to petty trading to provide for Chibudom and her sibling. They faced constant food insecurity as a result. Chibudom’s neighbor would occasionally donate food to her family and one day saw Chibudom crying out of hunger. He asked her to come to his home to collect food for her family. The man took advantage of her, and she became pregnant.

Chibudom then became suicidal. She was utterly ashamed and did not want to bring shame to her family’s name. “The man who impregnated me pressured me into abortion. To save my family name, I succumbed. What followed after worsened my situation as I became depressed. I stopped going to Mass and never went to confession.”

Seminarians marching with signs

Our donors gave pro-life training to these seminarians. Now they’re hitting the streets to change hearts at the Nigeria March for Life.

Chibudom’s conversion came when she attended a March for Life sponsored by HLI. “I heard one of the seminarians proclaim God’s abundant love and mercy in the following words: ‘Our God is the God of second chance[s]. Even if you have committed multiple abortions, God is ready to forgive you’, Immediately, I was moved to go to confession. That same day, I reconciled with God and returned to [the] sacraments after five years.”

Chibudom said, “I’m very happy to be pro-life. Having received God’s mercy through this wonderful program, I’m ready, willing and able to take the gospel of life to others like me in need of conversion.”

Praise God for Chibudom’s return! Let us pray that many more women hurting from the pain of abortion return to their Father, Who is full of mercy and love.

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