Ugandan Model Shows Contraceptives Do Not Stop HIV/AIDS

flag of uganda

The fatal danger of relentlessly pushing contraceptives on Uganda and other African countries was laid bare recently in an alarming new report showing that the most popular contraceptive in Eastern and Southern Africa may actually double the risk of contracting HIV. After experiencing success in combating HIV/AIDS in Uganda through an anti-contraception initiative, it’s not…

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Pro-Abortion Propaganda Aimed at Destroying Ethiopian Culture

As of 2005, abortion is legal in Ethiopia for so many exceptions that it is, practically speaking, abortion on demand — rape, incest, fetal defects (eugenics), the physical or mental health of the mother, economic reasons and reasons of age of the mother.  According to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, an incredible 60,000 women still suffer…

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Confronting the Culture of Death in Azerbaijan

azerbaijan flag

My mission to Azerbaijan earlier this month was not only a personal first to this West Asia Nation, but a first for Human Life International (HLI). The goal was to assess the situation and help a pro-life group get organized.  It was a very busy trip, with over a dozen events, mostly speaking to various…

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