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How Many Planned Parenthood Clinics Offer Prenatal Care?

By Emily Capps and Marisa Cantu / January 11, 2024 /

Planned Parenthood’s website claims, “Only a small number of Planned Parenthood health centers offer the full range of prenatal care services,” though they do offer referrals. The truth is: Planned Parenthood rarely offers prenatal services—and certainly not a “full range” of them. A select few Planned Parenthood clinics offer limited prenatal services, but most only…

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Can Abortion Make You Infertile?

By Emily Capps and Marisa Cantu / November 24, 2023 /
woman holding a negative pregnancy test

In this article: Difficulties studying abortion and infertility Planned Parenthood on abortion and infertility Medical organizations on abortion and infertility Abortion complications that cause infertility Abortion and miscarriage Abortion alternatives Infertility treatments and support   Many wonder, “can abortion cause infertility?” The short answer is yes, it can. There are cases where women become infertile…

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