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One of the world's leading experts on the international pro-life movement, Dr. Meaney received his PhD in Bioethics at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome in 2015, writing on “Conscience and Health Care.” He was named an honorary visiting professor at Benedict XVI Catholic University in Trujillo, Peru.

Dr. Meaney's work has been featured in publications such as Crisis MagazineNational Catholic Bioethics QuarterlyThe American SpectatorInside CatholicNational Catholic Register, and LifeSiteNews. He also appeared in the pro-life documentary “Silent Fall,” and is featured in HLI’s documentaries which debuted on EWTN “Central and Eastern Europe: A Return to Life” and “Central America and Mexico: Fighting for Life, Faith and Family.” After many years as HLI's Director of International Outreach and Expansion, he became President of the National Catholic Bioethics Center in 2019.

Vincent Lambert Killed by Dehydration and Starvation in France

By Dr. Joseph Meaney / July 11, 2019 /
vincent lambert

Another tragedy struck France on July 11, 2019. In a case strikingly similar to that of Terri Schiavo, a brain damaged person has been dehydrated and starved to death at the request of their spouse. Vincent Lambert had suffered cranial trauma in a motorcycle accident in 2008, and his doctors and wife sought to have…

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Parents and Medical Decisions: Fight the Revolution

By Dr. Joseph Meaney / July 19, 2018 /
rights of parents

Technical and scientific discoveries and innovations are happening at a tremendous rate. Social attitudes and morality have also undergone huge shifts in just the past two generations. Try this mental exercise. Imagine virtually any community in the 1950s and then fast-forward to the present. Almost nothing will have remained untouched. The geography and enduring elements…

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