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The Very Reverend Dr. Mark Hodges is an archpriest in the Orthodox Church. Ordained in 1995, he and his wife of 36 years, Presbytera Donna, have eight children and seventeen grandchildren (counting one due in November and counting four miscarriages). All are married except two, one of which is 21-year old Micah, an abandoned autistic boy the Hodges adopted at age five. After high school, Father Mark underwent a personal crisis which led to a deeper conversion to the Lord Jesus. From that time on, his favorite scripture became Philippians 1:21, "To me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” He obtained a second Master’s With an undergraduate degree in Education and a Master’s in Psychological Counseling, later a second master’s in Orthodox Theology. Having served as everything from church pastor to hospital chaplain, he eventually founded St. Stephen the First Martyr Orthodox Mission in Lima, Ohio. To make ends meet he has also distinguished himself as a journalist for LifeSiteNews and other news outlets, anchored and produced for WTGN radio, worked as a professor and is secretary to the Lima/Allen County Right to Life Chapter and served on the Ohio Right to Life Education Committee. As a “P.S.” he was nearly an undergraduate major in theater and music, still loves to play keyboard to the drums and trombone - mostly for his family - but if life slows down he has a second career ready to go! Besides offices held in the Orthodox church, he is an author and has recorded three CDS. He also enjoys watching movies with his sweetheart in the evenings.

India’s Femicide by the Tens of Millions Reveals Abortion’s Hatred of Women

By Fr. Mark Hodges / October 3, 2019 /
Indian mother with baby

Many of you have heard the phrase “What’s the most dangerous place on earth since 1973? A mother’s womb.” Well, if you happen to be female, your chances of life in many countries just diminished even further. This is the second article in our series on the threats to Life, Family and Family in India.…

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India Has One of the Highest Abortion Rates in the World

By Fr. Mark Hodges / July 19, 2019 /
map of southern asia

The number of abortions in India is over 21 times higher than government reports, says study India’s abortion rate is on a par with communist China and its forced abortions Study used by pro-abortionists to call for looser laws, more contraception, greater abortion access Now an Indian court rules women have a right to abort…

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