Unpacking Scare Tactics Around Abortion Bans

What happens when abortion is banned?

Two journalists at the Wire defended abortion in their answer to this question. But their article is full of scare tactics and stories intended to evoke emotional reactions. The consequences they predict are not reflected in reality.

So, what really happens when abortion is banned?

On this episode, Fr. Shenan Boquet discusses the positive effects of prohibiting abortion. Abortion bans save lives and benefit society. Father also addresses the arguments posed by the journalists at the Wire. Abortion is never the answer. It’s critical that pro-lifers provide material support for struggling moms.



Original article in the Wire: What Happens When Abortion Is Banned? Lessons From Around the World

Father’s response: What Happens When Abortion Is Banned?



  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:19 Helping moms in need
  • 04:46 Pro-abortion rhetoric
  • 05:48 What if RU-486 goes wrong?
  • 06:51 Domestic violence
  • 08:09 They’re not concerned about women
  • 09:40 Individualized help vs abortion
  • 10:28 Divorce & abortion
  • 11:48 Genetic abnormality
  • 12:45 Hard cases & emotion
  • 14:10 Moms, adoption, & drop boxes
  • 18:12 Role of government
  • 21:15 Responding to rape
  • 22:07 Rhetoric & emotion 23:11
  • Miscarriages 27:38
  • Pregnant teens & schools
  • 35:18 Avoiding crisis pregnancies

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