Resisting Anti-Family Cultural Colonization w/ George Wirnkar

What is cultural colonization? And how is it happening in Africa?

On this episode, missionary George Wirnkar explains the current cultural situation in Africa. Western organizations use media and education to spread anti-life ideologies, such as birth control, abortion, and the LGBTQ agenda. These ideas are contrary to traditional African values.

But there’s still hope! George Wirnkar also explains what HLI missionaries are doing to protect the culture of life in Africa. It’s critical that pro-lifers continue to defend marriage and human life.




  • 00:00 Meet George!
  • 02:05 Seminary & philosophy
  • 04:07 Becoming a Regional Director
  • 05:36 Mission field
  • 08:10 What’s French-speaking Africa?
  • 10:40 Culture issues
  • 11:45 Media informs & deforms
  • 13:45 School system
  • 15:05 LGBTQ colonization
  • 17:49 USA imposes agenda
  • 19:04 Impact of 1 priest
  • 22:30 Is Africa religious?
  • 24:11 Favorite mission story
  • 25:04 Sowing seeds

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