Pro-life Policies Worldwide Threatened by EU-ACP Treaty


You won’t hear about the EU-ACP Agreement in the media. But you should.

If it is ratified, this international treaty (also called the Samoa Agreement) will force 79 countries to legalize abortion, LGBTQ ideologies, and comprehensive sex-education for 20 years.

Moreover, the terms of the treaty will give the European Union controlling votes at the UN. The agreement even has the potential to strangle the spread of Christianity by silencing leaders who stand up for marriage and family. The impact will be devastating.

Luckily, there’s still hope. The EU doesn’t have enough countries’ signatures yet. It’s critical that pro-lifers stand up and stop the EU-ACP agreement!

On this episode, Michelle Francis, HLI’s Mission Network Manager, tells you everything you need to know about the EU-ACP agreement. Find out what Big Abortion is trying to sneak past you!

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