Examining Annulment Culture in the Catholic Church

There’s a crisis of marriage in modern culture, even within the Catholic Church. Marriage rates are down, while annulment rates went up. So, what’s going on?

In previous individual episodes, John Clark and Fr. Michael Duesterhaus (a procurator/advocate) both gave their insights about annulment and marriage data. Today, they join us for a joint discussion about where we examine annulment culture in the Catholic Church. We also discuss the appeals process and both offer advice for strengthening Catholic marriages.

Listen now to find out more about annulments in the Catholic Church!

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Previous episode with Fr. Michael Duesterhaus: Annulments Procurator Tells the Story Behind the Data

Resources Mentioned in Episode:

John Clark’s book “Betrayed Without a Kiss:” Betrayed without a Kiss: Defending Marriage after Years of Failed Leadership in the Church (tanbooks.com)

Consensual Incapacity to Marry book: Consensual Incapacity to Marry – Kindle edition by Godfrey-Howell, Catherine, Burke, Raymond Leo Cardinal.

Gift of Self: Gift of Self (book) | Mary’s Advocates (marysadvocates.org)

When is Marriage Null? Gift of Self (book) | Mary’s Advocates (marysadvocates.org)

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