Melissa Ohden’s Moving Story Reveals Surprising Truths About Abortion

As a baby, Melissa Ohden survived a saline infusion abortion. Today, she’s uniting abortion survivors all around the world through the Abortion Survivors Network.

Melissa joins us today to share her experience surviving abortion, growing up adopted, and reuniting with her biological family. She also shares surprising stories from other survivors. Find out about stopped abortions, biological trauma, and how abortion impacts the second generation of survivors.



The Abortion Survivors Network

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  • 00:00 Meet Melissa Ohden
  • 02:20 Forced abortion
  • 04:17 What is a saline infusion abortion?
  • 05:11 Mom almost died
  • 05:57 Some babies survive multiple abortion attempts
  • 07:07 Chemical abortion story
  • 08:54 Adoption after abortion attempt
  • 11:17 Finding out
  • 12:23 Sharing stories matters
  • 15:35 What does your organization do?
  • 17:59 Founding Abortion Survivors Network
  • 19:48 Exciting news!
  • 21:19 Around the world
  • 22:38 Abortion vs. miscarriage
  • 23:33 Meeting birthmother for 1st time
  • 26:55 Did my baby survive?
  • 28:56 What is a stopped abortion?
  • 30:32 Lauren’s story
  • 33:05 Kids of survivors
  • 34:10 Generational trauma?
  • 37:13 Shocking stats!

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