Parents MUST Take Back Their Role in Sex Education

Who should teach kids about sex? In today’s society, children begin taking sex-ed classes as early as 5th grade. But is this a good thing?

Most sex-education programs in the school system are supported by Planned Parenthood. While these classes do teach the biology of procreation, they also promote casual sex, contraception, and the LGBTQ agendas. Promiscuous sex and birth control inevitably lead to abortion.

So, what should parents do?

In this episode, Fr. Shenan Boquet explains why parents must reclaim their role in sex-ed. This is an important part of a child’s education. Fr. Boquet also offers advice for parents and explains what’s at stake in America with the current sex-ed situation.



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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:42 Foot in the door
  • 02:19 Organizations pushing sex-ed
  • 04:13 Sex-ed won’t lower pregnancy rates
  • 05:36 Funnel to abortion
  • 07:10 How you think is how you act
  • 09:12 What’s at stake?
  • 12:21 Sex-ed & family life
  • 15:50 Should schools teach sex-ed?
  • 17:13 Duty to educate kids
  • 18:26 Biology & a gift from God
  • 20:21 When should parents tell kids about sex?
  • 21:32 Preserve innocence in a sex-saturated culture
  • 23:24 Talk to your kids!
  • 25:07 Beauty in a perverted culture
  • 29:14 Quote: we can’t live without sex!
  • 31:28 Will, intellect, and sexuality
  • 34:36 Parents must open their eyes
  • 35:45 Ways to get involved

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