Pets Replacing Kids? Weird Symptoms of an Anti-Child Culture

Why are so many people treating pets like children? And how is it related to our current demographic winter?

On this episode, Fr. Boquet explains why the “dog-mom” culture is a symptom of today’s population crisis. When young people are afraid to have children, they often bestow their natural affections on animals. Meanwhile, the birth rate drops.

So, how can we encourage young people to welcome children? What’s at the heart of their fears? Fr. Boquet offers advice on different ways pro-lifers can encourage couples to be open to life.






  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:43 Growing up with pets
  • 02:25 Pope Francis story
  • 03:19 Underlying spiritual problem
  • 05:30 Hope is not an illusion
  • 06:30 Ancient problem
  • 7:45 Population fears
  • 09:25 We need community!
  • 12:17 Natural desires
  • 13:43 We want to love
  • 14:57 Family life takes courage!
  • 17:32 How can we encourage young people?
  • 18:31 The beauty of marriage
  • 20:17 Need to model family life
  • 22:37 Provide support
  • 25:57 Smile & say thank you
  • 28:11 Joy!
  • 29:39 Don’t be afraid!
  • 32:29 Misplaced compassion
  • 34:16 Animals can’t replace humans
  • 36:32 Pray for our families

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