Women Need Men to Step Up in the Pro-Life Movement

Should men have a say in abortion? And why should pro-lifers care about pornography?

Jacob Tonglet from Men for Life joins us today to discuss men’s essential role in defending life. Abortion isn’t just a woman’s issue. It’s a human rights issue. Women need men to step up and defend all human life.

Jacob also helps unpack the ties between pornography and abortion. If men want to stand up for human dignity, they must quit porn.




  • 00:00 What is Men for Life?
  • 01:20 Women’s rights or human rights?
  • 03:13 Pushback?
  • 05:30 Testimonies
  • 09:20 Active role
  • 12:09 Pornography & abortion
  • 13:01 Psychology of men
  • 15:05 Problem of recreational sex
  • 16:35 Business vs. love
  • 18:05 Human trafficking
  • 21:31 Abortion contracts
  • 22:37 Live Action videos
  • 25:00 Planned Parenthood fails women
  • 27:16 Push to normalize porn
  • 31:16 Abortion is not support
  • 34:45 Men seeking help?

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