Planned Parenthood’s Cultural Colonization of Malawi Hits a Roadblock

Does abstinence-based sex-ed work? Planned Parenthood says no. But Malawian schoolkids say “YES!”

HLI visits schools in Malawi, encouraging schoolkids to live chastely and quit contraception. When Planned Parenthood tried to teach the same students about unchaste sexual education, the kids chased away IPPF. Then they burned the condoms and hormonal birth control!

Michelle Francis, our Mission Network Manager, joins us today to talk about this story. She discusses the challenges and victories of pro-life work in Malawi, as well as the threat from IPPF. Michelle also shares other great stories from Fr. Zikomankhani.

Check out today’s episode to find out how impactful chastity education is!


Send chastity education to other kids in Malawi.

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