New York’s Reproductive Health Act Endangers the Lives of Women

For immediate release: January 24, 2019

Contact: Deborah M. Piroch


(Front Royal, VA)

If anyone does the will of My Father, Who is in Heaven, he is my brother, and sister and mother. (Matthew 12:50)

New York Governor Mario Cuomo proudly signed New York’s Reproductive Health Act on the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  It allows legalized killing of the unborn child up to the day of birth, with no restrictions of any kind.  He also ordered the One World Trade Center building to be lit in pink, perhaps to celebrate all the girls that will now be aborted in the name of “reproductive freedom.”  Perhaps he could have chosen both pink and blue to drive this point further home.

Deborah Piroch, Director of PR for HLI said that: “Make no mistake, women will die as a result of this law.  As a woman and the daughter of an internist with a subspecialty in cardiology, may I ask where the feminist lobby is now?  There are already deaths every year from legal abortions at the hands of medical doctors, and New York now permits non-physicians to do this procedure? Every state has an obligation to honor and protect both women and the unborn.  Abortion is not now nor will it ever be a ‘right.’  As it stands now, eight months after your baby’s heart begins to beat, it can be stopped in a dirty New York Planned Parenthood Clinic for the most trivial of reasons, since the term “health” includes social and economic reasons such as embarrassment or a desire to continue an education. We should all be outraged.”

Do not be deceived. Mr. Cuomo loves to remind the public about his time as an altar boy as a young Catholic.  Unfortunately, he seems to have forgotten what Catholicism teaches. So grievous a sin is the taking of human life, universal doctrine proclaims anyone complicit in abortion is under automatic excommunication. This means he is in a state of grievous sin and, without repentance, beyond hope of redemption.

We frequently hear the euphemism ‘I am Catholic but do not believe I should force my beliefs on others.’ So, you personally are against killing? Very noble. Still, you believe it is okay for others to murder? The late Cardinal O’Connor of New York spoke poignantly to this very topic:

The Church recognizes that many hardships can occur with a pregnancy. But there is a fundamental principle which must always prevail: The end never justifies the means if the means are evil. In other words, no matter how difficult the alternatives, they cannot justify the direct killing of an innocent human being. What kind of world would it be if we were not faithful to that principle? Where would the killing stop?

Perhaps the Governor might recall the late Cardinal. We pray that his intercessions will lead to a change of heart among New York’s legislators.



2 thoughts on “New York’s Reproductive Health Act Endangers the Lives of Women

  1. Thank you for this article.

    You’ll want to correct your statement that Mario Cuomo signed the legislation. Andrew Cuomo is the governor of New York.

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