Conference in the Philippines Rekindles Faith

Elrinda’s surprise conversion brings a new ally to the pro-life cause.

Elrinda Lopez had no interest in the pro-life mission. She came to this conference for another reason.

Her husband had died, and she spent months of lockdown alone in her home. When the restrictions eased, HLI was among the first groups to start hosting in-person events again.

Elrinda was lonely. When she saw that our Advent Recollection would be a face-to-face event, she signed up.

This experience would awaken a part of her soul that had slept for a long time.

HLI Missionary Shows that Faith and Life are One

Elrinda was never a “spiritual” person.

She kept busy with her job at a radio station in the Philippines. If she wanted something from God, then she’d go to Mass. Maybe.

This continued until last Advent, when HLI Philippines brought her to a place where she found faith and purpose.

Elrinda had always thought of faith and life as separate things. But when she heard Dr. Bullecer of HLI Philippines speak, she saw that they are linked.

“A medical doctor was speaking at a religious event. He talked about faith, morals, and medicine all in the same breath. This changed my view on the different callings God has entrusted to us. We are all called to strengthen families in our own way.”

Elrinda Reconnected with Christ

This wasn’t the only change that took place in Elrinda’s heart.

At the Advent Recollection, she came face-to-face with Jesus for the first time in a long time.

Every HLI conference includes Holy Mass and time for prayer. When God is the central focus of our work, He makes it bear fruit beyond what we could ever plan. Sometimes He uses our donors’ generosity to rekindle faith.

Only He knows the transformation that He worked in Elrinda’s soul that day. But one thing is certain; she left that conference a different person than when she came.

Today Elrinda is ready to stop living life just for herself. She wants to serve the Lord by promoting His vision for life and family.

She started by using her connections in the radio industry to extend HLI’s impact in the Philippines. When we sponsored a major online event earlier this year, Elrinda recruited local media personalities to take part. This helped the pro-life message reach a wider audience.

We Couldn’t do it Without Our Donors!

Thank you so much to all our donors for making these events possible!

By sharing the Gospel of Life with Elrinda, our donors helped her reconnect with her faith. And they brought a new friend into the pro-life movement, with valuable skills to offer.

We are so thankful for all of their support!

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