Pro-life Missionary in Uganda Helped Jane Escape Abortion

With help from Fr. Opio, this whole family learned that every life is a gift.

Generous gifts from our supporters change the lives of people all the way across the world.

One of them is Jane, a college student from Uganda.

Jane Needed Help to Keep her Baby

Jane and her boyfriend made a mistake. They had sex out of wedlock. And God chose to bless them with a child.

When Jane told her boyfriend about the baby, he pushed for an abortion. When she told her parents, they threw her out and told her to go to the baby’s father.

Jane knows what it’s like to feel pressured by the culture of death. Her place in the family, her education, her livelihood all seemed to demand an abortion.

That’s how the anti-life mentality takes hold of a person. When a girl like Jane makes one mistake, they push her to “fix” it with a much bigger one.

But with HLI in the picture, she has a way out of this cycle.

HLI Missionaries Heal Families

Jane’s baby is alive today because of our donors. Their generosity helped this family embrace God’s gift!

Early one morning Fr. Opio of HLI Uganda got a call from Jane. She was crying and saying, “you are the only person who can give me the help I need.”

Thanks to our generous donors, Fr. Opio really could help. He listened to her story, and then set about finding her a place to stay.

Jane’s sister was willing to take her in, but she was too poor. Fr. Opio solved that problem by giving Jane some money for living expenses while she was there.

Then he set to work helping Jane’s parents forgive their daughter and accept their grandchild.

This kind of personal counseling takes time. Fr. Opio could never manage it without help from our donors. In his own words, “thank you so much for your gifts without which…I would not have been able to support Jane!”

Thanks to Our Donors for Making this Happy Ending Possible!

Jane was able to return home two months before her delivery. She had a healthy son. Now he is weaned, and she is back in school.

Jane’s whole family grew stronger from this experience. She learned the importance of chastity, and her parents learned that every life is a gift.

Thanks so much to all our donors who support HLI Uganda!

Without them, mothers like Jane would have nowhere to turn. But with their gifts, God used her mistake to bring the whole family into the Culture of Life.

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