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Unable to Visit, HLI Missionary Sends a Life-Saving Video

When Pastora found herself in a crisis pregnancy, our donors showed her the humanity of her child.

Pastora was just a few weeks pregnant and everyone around her was pushing for abortion.

Her boyfriend had no interest in being a father. Her mother couldn’t afford to care for her and a baby. Her peers pointed out that she could get an abortion for free, but who would pay for pregnancy care?

Abortion didn’t feel like a choice. It felt like an axe falling.

Pastora didn’t have much hope until she ran across HLI Colombia on social media. She decided to send up a flare and see if anyone would respond.

Thanks to our donors, someone did.

Personal Video Made Pastora’s Son Real for Her

Baby Angel-Miguel bottle feeding

Angel-Miguel is alive today because our donors showed his mother that his life is a gift.

Angel-Miguel is alive today because our donors showed his mother that his life is a gift.

Gladys, our missionary at HLI Colombia, always responds when people reach out online. She sees every message as an opportunity to share God’s love. This one also turned into an opportunity to save a child and mother from a violent crime.

When Pastora shared her fears and reasons she thought she should abort, Gladys responded with love. They spoke for hours on the phone about the value of her child’s life.

But Pastora’s heart really changed when she saw the video Gladys made for her using teaching materials our donors helped develop.

It showed how children develop in the womb. It told her what new things her son would do the next week, and the week after.

She imagined what he must look like. She heard how much God loved them both.

That video helped her realize that she loved her son. And after that, we were there to help her be a mom.

Setting Pastora and her Child up for Success

Pastora didn’t think she could be a mom. But with help from HLI Colombia she got past her fears and welcomed her son into the world.

Pro-life ministry doesn’t end as soon as a mom chooses life. Our missionaries also help mother and child get off to a good start.

Gladys helped Pastora find ways to overcome her difficulties. She mailed clothes and baby supplies to Pastora’s rural native village.

When the little boy was born early and underweight, Gladys helped make sure he got the right care. A month later he recovered, and Pastora was able to take him home.

Shortly after, Gladys was finally able to make the trip to Pastora’s village and meet her in person. She brought more gifts, advice, and encouragement with her.

Pastora is so grateful for Gladys’ help, and for all the donors who supported her. She named her son Angel-Miguel because that name reminded her of the “angels” who protected her and her son from the evil of abortion.

Our Donors Make this Work Possible

This story could not have happened without the generosity of our donors.

It is our donors who enable Gladys to spend her time counseling mothers like Pastora. They keep the internet and the phones running. They sent Gladys the teaching materials that she used to help Pastora get to know her child.

We couldn’t do it without them.

Thanks to their support, hundreds of pro-life missionaries are serving communities around the world.

That means a mother like Pastora can find someone close by to help her. Someone who understands her world. Someone who speaks her language.

Because of our donors, mothers all over the world have a friend to help them choose life.

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