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Baby Attila is Alive Today Thanks to our Donors’ Support for HLI Hungary

When a pro-life judge took a brave risk to stop an abortion, we stepped up to help save the child.

The story was all over the news in Hungary.

According to the media, a local judge was forcing Judith to have a child against her will.

HLI missionary Dr. Imre saw her on TV. She was saying that the burden of a child would crush her. Pro-abortion groups were pressuring the government to abort the child and punish the judge.

Dr. Imre made a few calls and found out that there was a lot more to the story.

Judge András Risked his Career to Save a Child’s Life

Judith was a prostitute jailed for solicitation. She was several weeks pregnant at the time of her arrest. She asked Judge András Szedmák for permission to leave jail for a while to have an abortion.

Judge András had a tough decision to make.

If he said no, it could cost him his job. Pro-abortion groups would drag him through the mud and Judith would probably get her abortion anyway.

If he said yes, he’d be sentencing a child to death.

He signed a refusal knowing it might mean the end of his career.

HLI Donors Stepped in to Defend this Child

Dr. Imre and Judge Andras speaking in front of a Hungarian government building

Dr. Imre and Judge András defended baby Attila’s life in the Hungarian court system.

Pro-abortion groups are powerful in Hungary. If not for our donors, the world might have lost a precious child and an ethical judge.

HLI Hungary empowered Dr. Imre to come to Judge András’ defense. Together, they put up a good argument in favor of the child’s life.

The court did not permit Judith to abort her child.

Judge András kept his job but lost all his bonuses for the year. He says it was worth it. God more than repaid him by making him a spiritual father to the child he helped save from abortion.

These were important victories, but Dr. Imre knew that his work was not done yet.

Our global missions aren’t just pro-birth. They’re pro-life. After we save a child from abortion, we make sure the family has what they need to care for him.

When Judith’s son Attila was born, Dr. Imre paid them a visit.

Now Judith’s Son is her Greatest Joy

Judith holding Attila

Judith says ‘thank you’ for saving Attila from abortion. Our donors gave her a chance to see how much she loved him.

Dr. Imre remembered what Judith had said about the burdens of parenthood. He offered to help her find the perfect adoptive family for Attila.

To his surprise, Judith wasn’t interested. Holding her child in her arms, she said she wouldn’t give him up for anything in the world. “He is my treasure and consolation in my life.”

Instead of adoption, Dr. Imre helped Judith and Attila get off to a good start together. He gave her food, baby supplies, a washing machine, and lots of encouragement.

We are so thankful to our donors for saving this little boy from abortion! They made sure he got to receive God’s gift of life. And they kept his mother from throwing away God’s gift of family.

Judith is grateful someone was there to stop her from aborting her child. She got another chance to realize how much she loves her son.

Because of our donors, she is ready to start a new life as a mother.


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