Nurse Trained by HLI Rwanda Reversed Natalie’s Abortion Just in Time

When Natalie was tricked into taking an abortion pill, our pro-life education program saved the day.

Natalie looked her dean in the eye and told him the truth:

She’d been missing classes because of morning sickness. She and her boyfriend, another student, were expecting a child.

In Rwanda, an out-of-wedlock pregnancy is a disgrace. Natalie begged the dean to let her finish school anyway. She was on her last year, and she could give her baby a better life if she graduated.

He told her not to worry. Everything was going to be just fine. He wrote a letter and told her to take it to a certain doctor at a local hospital. The doctor would give her something for the morning sickness—she couldn’t afford to miss any more classes.

Natalie brought the letter to the doctor. He gave her a pill and asked her to spend the night so they could make sure it worked.

She had no idea it was an abortion pill.

Natalie Almost Lost her Child and her Own Life in a Coercive Abortion.

Six hours later, Natalie was screaming in pain. Her womb felt like it was on fire.

Not only had the doctor ignored her child’s humanity, but he had also ignored her health. The abortion pill is only considered medically “safe” for the mother up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. Natalie was 16 weeks pregnant, but he gave it to her anyway.

He didn’t tell her it could kill her.

If it weren’t for our donors, Natalie and her son might both have died. But because our donors support pro-life education in Rwanda, there was someone there to save the day.

Natalie and her child at HLI Rwanda

After a nurse we trained reversed her abortion, Natalie (left) studied Church teaching on chastity and purity at HLI Rwanda. Now Natalie is converting to Catholicism.

One of the pro-lifers we trained works as a nurse in that hospital. She heard Natalie scream and rushed in to help her.

She told Natalie that the pill she had taken wasn’t for morning sickness. It was for an abortion. But it wasn’t too late! The baby was still alive.

She offered to give Natalie the reversal treatment to stop the abortion. But they wouldn’t let her do it in the hospital. Natalie would have to come to her house.

When the doctor came in to give Natalie the second pill to finish the abortion, she hid it under the mattress. She checked herself out of the hospital and went to visit the nurse at home.

The reversal treatment worked. A few months later, Natalie gave birth to a healthy little boy.

HLI donors Helped Natalie Rebuild her Life on Jesus Christ

Giving pro-life training to that heroic nurse wasn’t the only thing our donors did for Natalie. After the abortion reversal, she went to HLI Rwanda for help with her pregnancy.

With help from our missionaries, she found the supplies and medical care she needed to welcome a new child. In addition to material aid, our missionaries helped her reconcile with her family and with Jesus.

They showed her the beauty of Catholic teaching on life and family. This new outlook drew her closer and closer to God until she heard Him calling her to join the Church. Natalie says our donors’ support for pregnancy care and pro-life education “helped me to return and receive the mercy of God.”

Today, Natalie is a Catechumen preparing for baptism. She is living with her grandmother and works as a laundress to support herself and her little son.

Natalie is so grateful to the generous pro-lifers who helped her. “When I was pregnant, I felt like I was lost in a forest. But now, thanks to HLI Rwanda, I am found. My mother had rejected me, but because of the pro-life team we have a good relationship again. I’m living my life according to the Gospel, and building the best possible future for my son.”

Thank you to our supporters for saving this beautiful family from abortion!

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