Malawi Planned Parenthood Chased Out of School

Malawi high school students chased Malawi Planned Parenthood out of their school in September.

Human Life International’s missionaries had been to the Natola high school before for chastity training and information on contraception and abortion. Since HLI’s trainings, there have been no pregnancies in the school – a fact that the Natola teacher attributes to HLI’s efforts.

HLI Malawi helps families stay open to life.

And the students knew Planned Parenthood’s agenda. When employees of the Family Planning Association of Malawi (part of the International Planned Parenthood Federation) entered the school, the students would not allow them to speak, chased them from the grounds, and burned the boxes of condoms that the employees brought.

HLI understands what these students need the most: compassion, assistance, and resources.

Check out how HLI is helping women around the world!

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