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HLI Missionary Saves Women from Satanists

pregnant surrogate holding cash

One of HLI’s missionaries, Marie, had a horrifying experience this Halloween. Marie counsels women at a pregnancy center.

A woman, Annie, came in on Halloween and was 36 weeks pregnant. Marie took Annie to get an ultrasound of her baby. But Annie revealed to Marie that she was going to ritualistically sacrifice her baby for $3,500. A satanic cult had offered her this cash to have her baby for a ritual on Halloween night. Annie said she was “great friends” with members of the cult and that she “had to accept” the offer.

Marie and Annie returned to the pregnancy clinic. While they had been out, two more women came to the clinic with similar stories to Annie’s. One of these women, like Annie, was also close to full-term, and had been offered cash to sacrifice her child. The other woman was 40 weeks pregnant. She had been ritualistically raped 9 months prior so she would be full-term on Halloween. She had been offered $4,000 to sacrifice her child.

Marie worked hard for these women. She showed them a video of a satanic ritual where they took the child of a woman, and the woman died. Annie and one other woman ended up choosing life, but feared retaliation from the satanists. They were not able to get ahold of the third woman and still do not know what happened to her.

Please, continue to pray for these women and for others like them. And pray for our missionaries like Marie.

Please note: names were changed in this story to protect the women involved.

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