EU Rules Poland Abortion Laws “Violation of Human Rights”

In 2020, Poland passed legislation that banned abortion performed on “eugenic grounds,” such as in cases of fetal anomalies or birth defects. Poland currently has some of the strictest abortion laws in the EU, making it a prime target for pro-abortionists. Poland’s 2020 legislation came to the public’s attention when a woman, referred to as ML in legal documents, was 14 weeks pregnant. ML’s child was diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome, and ML sought an abortion. Because of the Polish legislation, ML traveled to the Netherlands to have her abortion in January of 2023. Her lawyers claimed that such a requirement caused great distress to ML financially and emotionally, as she spent around 1000 euros.

The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Poland’s ban on eugenic abortions was a violation of ML’s right to privacy and family life, as outlined in article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights. It is clear the court’s ruling is completely backwards. How could a ban on killing unborn children for eugenic purposes be a violation of human rights?

As HLI Poland pointed out, the child that is in the mother’s womb is a unique human being. Deciding whether to abort is about whether the child will emerge alive or dead.


"my body my choice" in polish and mandarin to protest poland abortion laws

“My body my choice” in Polish and Mandarin to protest Poland’s abortion laws


Of further concern is the fact that this decision by the European Court of Human Rights is the second in only a few days against Poland, which ironically took place days after Donald Tusk was sworn in. Such decisions usually take much longer, and the timing of these decisions (especially after an election) gives the impression that they were prepared in advance to strike on the pro-life and pro-family target that is Poland during a perfect opportunity. The first verdict against Poland was aimed at pushing the nation to accept same-sex “marriages.”

Pray for ML’s aborted child, as well as for all aborted children.

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