“Reproductive Health” Is Killing Iragua

NFP natural family planning student training teacher tanzania

We need your help to rescue this village before it’s too late. In a rural part of Tanzania, the village of Iragua is dying. Edina Maumba noticed that something was wrong when she visited the town. Why were there two high schools, but only one small primary school? There were plenty of teenagers, but where…

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Thank You for Planting the Seeds of Truth

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Inspired by you, Grace and Emil lead an anti-contraception media campaign in Tanzania. Chronic pain or bleeding Permanent sterility Heart failure Depression Cancer Divorce Abortion Spiritual Death These are the fruits of contraception. It can ruin a woman’s health and marriage. It can even kill. Because of you, Grace Shayo learned the truth in time…

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You Helped Grace Save her Friend Rosaline’s Life!

Contraception destroys lives. In Tanzania, you are rebuilding them one by one. Rosaline had no idea she had a Norplant rod lodged in her heart. She silently endured high blood pressure, chronic bleeding, and stabbing pains. Meanwhile, the rod came closer and closer to tearing through a vein and ending her life. Only God knew…

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Your Message on Radio Maria Saved Bonaventure from Abortion

With media programs like this one, you bring hope to frightened mothers like Flavia. Flavia was struggling. Her situation was so bad that she thought about murdering her pre-born son to escape it. She became pregnant out of wedlock, which in Tanzania brings great shame on the family. When her father found out he cursed…

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Contraception’s High Price: A Conversion Story


Children in Tanzania are mostly taught a values-free “comprehensive sex education” that has been part of school curriculum since 1992. This “education” has had a disastrous effect on the morality of the community. In 2013 I was invited by the headmaster of St. Pius High School to teach about 100 students a sex education lesson…

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HLI Director Helps Couple Deal with Past Abortion

With what seems like constant advocacy from pro-abortion groups who push the lie that abortion is a “right” for women’s “reproductive health,” gradually abortion is seeing wider acceptance even in Tanzania, though for now it remains strongly restricted in law. Instead of offering health benefits, however, abortion causes women to suffer physically and psychologically. Although…

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Mission to Nchombe Parish Awakens Faithful

nchombe children africa

Situated on the picturesque foothills of the Udzungwa Mountains, Nchombe is a small town in the Ifakara Diocese of Tanzania. On visiting Nchombe it is difficult to miss a striking contrast.  Despite the abundant fertile and arable land, the local people in this area still live a life of abject poverty. At the invitation of…

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Anti-Life Global Agenda Threatens Namibian Families

Traveling the 450 miles north from Namibia’s capital Windhoek to Rundu, one notices a country with vast blocks of land uninhabited. Indeed, Namibia is among the nations with the lowest population density, with only 6.7 persons per square mile. Rather than cities and suburbs, what one sees throughout most of the country are cacti trees,…

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Malawi Under Siege

african child in malawi village

Malawi, a southeastern African country of 13 million people, is waking up. Targeted by Western organizations for “family planning” goals that are conceived in New York, Brussels, and London, Malawi and many other African countries increasingly find themselves having to look into the mouths of gift horses from the “developed” world. The elites who cite…

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Discussing Population Control with the Tanzania Media

This past week our office received visitors from the media who wanted to talk about some of the current issues that affect our society in Tanzania, including population control. The first to arrive were two journalists from Channel Ten television. They wanted to know about the population control agenda in our country, taking into account…

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