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Contraception’s High Price: A Conversion Story

Emil Hagamu, HLI Regional Director for Anglophone Africa, teaching Tanzanian students. Children in Tanzania are mostly taught a values-free “comprehensive sex education” that has been part of school curriculum since 1992. This “education” has had a disastrous effect on the morality of the community. In 2013 I was [...]

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HLI Director Helps Couple Deal with Past Abortion

With what seems like constant advocacy from pro-abortion groups who push the lie that abortion is a “right” for women’s “reproductive health,” gradually abortion is seeing wider acceptance even in Tanzania, though for now it remains strongly restricted in law. Instead of offering health benefits, however, abortion causes women to [...]

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Anti-Life Global Agenda Threatens Namibian Families

HLI's Emil Hagamu conducts pro-life training recently in Namibia. Traveling the 450 miles north from Namibia’s capital Windhoek to Rundu, one notices a country with vast blocks of land uninhabited. Indeed, Namibia is among the nations with the lowest population density, with only 6.7 persons per square mile. [...]

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Malawi Under Siege

Malawi, a southeastern African country of 13 million people, is waking up. Targeted by Western organizations for “family planning” goals that are conceived in New York, Brussels, and London, Malawi and many other African countries increasingly find themselves having to look into the mouths of gift horses from the “developed” [...]

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Discussing Population Control with the Tanzania Media

Emil's interview with Channel Ten. This past week our office received visitors from the media who wanted to talk about some of the current issues that affect our society in Tanzania, including population control. The first to arrive were two journalists from Channel Ten television. They wanted to [...]

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Abortion is Foreign to African Culture

( – So-called progressive organizations are attempting to paint a false picture of abortion in Africa. In a recent report written by Kapya John Kaoma for the “progressive” group Political Research Associates, the author personally attacks myself and the organization I represent, Human Life International (HLI), claiming we are using [...]

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Africans Must Resist Population Control

Africa, which historically has always been a continent vibrant with life, rich in family and cultural values and blessed with a steadily growing population, is now under siege by Western anti-life and anti-family population control mongers. And to be frank, one of the main weapons they use against the African [...]

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