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“Reproductive Health” Is Killing Iragua

NFP natural family planning student training teacher tanzania

We need your help to rescue this village before it’s too late.

In a rural part of Tanzania, the village of Iragua is dying.

children in tanzania

Children like these are targets of the global population control movement. But you can protect them.

Edina Maumba noticed that something was wrong when she visited the town. Why were there two high schools, but only one small primary school? There were plenty of teenagers, but where were the young children?

She stopped to speak with a young man who looked thin, worn out, and depressed. Charles Udongo was suffering from the side effects of Norplant. Women have been victims for decades, but now they are pushing Norplant on men and boys too.

She heard a similar story all over the village.

Victims of Coercive Population Control

Over 80% of the population of Iragua is on contraception. Girls are routinely injected with Norplant at the age of 11. Casual sex is the norm, and STDs are rampant. This is the fruit of “reproductive health” activism.

Village clinics all over Tanzania have orders not to talk about the side-effects of contraceptives. Meanwhile, value-free sex-ed programs promote sexual “freedom” while treating pregnancy like a disease. In some villages, contraception is mandatory for all residents. 

It’s not about freedom. It’s not about human rights. Coercive contraception is designed to decrease the population of Tanzania as quickly as possible and at any cost.


Yet, thanks to you, there are many places in Tanzania where the Culture of Life is thriving.

You Can Cure the Contraceptive Culture

Just a year and a half ago, you added a natural family planning program to HLI Tanzania. This is the most effective tool for protecting villages like Iragua from the population controllers.

nap natural family planning training in tanzania

Your natural family planning program is the cure for the contraceptive culture. Spouses learn to respect the dignity of sex in marriage and its essential openness to life.

Natural family planning teaches spouses the dignity of the conjugal act and its openness to life. They learn to respect its inseperable unitive and procreative meanings. And in the process, they find out how contraception damages bodies, marriages, and souls.

Your natural family planning program is spreading like wildfire in Africa. So far you have educated 18 trainers in Tanzania. They have taught natural family planning to thousands of spouses who then spread the word to their friends. Countless people have rejected the contraceptive culture because of you.

You have changed so many lives with this program that 16 more people are eager to become trainers. Edina is one of them. She can’t wait to go back to Iragua and spread the Gospel of Life! With your help, Edina might be able to save this village before it disappears.

We Need Your Help to Rescue Iragua

If you equip these 16 new trainers, the impact will be explosive. But without you, this project can’t get off the ground. Only you can provide the resources needed to educate trainers and open new NFP centers in struggling villages like Iragua.

NFP natural family planning student training teacher tanzania

With your help, some natural family planning students become trainers themselves.

Thank you so much for supporting the Culture of Life. Your gifts change lives all over the world.

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