Planned Parenthood – What Do They Do With The Bodies?

In 2015, investigators from The Center for Medical Progress approached Planned Parenthood to purchase fetal remains. Posing as buyers from a human biologics company, the CMP set up meetings over lunch and at Planned Parenthood facilities. These meetings and their conversations with various executives were secretly recorded by the investigators. The videos, released in a…

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Relationship after Abortion: Will Abortion Help or Hurt?

Couple sitting in park having relationship problems

Many women seeking abortions fear that a child might interfere with their relationships with their partners. Sometimes a woman’s partner, parents, or friends encourage her to have an abortion or express disapproval if she wishes to keep the child. Because of this, women often fear that if they do not have abortions, their relationships may…

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The Threat of Sex-Selective Abortion

In this article: What is sex-selective abortion? Why sex-selective abortion is bad Whether sex-selective abortion bans work The best way to prevent sex-selective abortion   In most human populations, around 105 boys are born for every 100 girls. This is the natural sex ratio. Under normal circumstances the ratio of boys born to girls is…

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Abortion’s Twisted Relationship with Sexual Abuse

is abortion okay after rape or incest?

When it comes to helping victims of sexual abuse, abortion advocates present abortion as the only logical choice. They say it helps victims of rape, relieving their trauma and keeping them safe; some even go so far as to say that carrying the child would repeat the trauma the woman has already endured. Even some…

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The Effects of Abortion Laws: Myths and Facts

raleigh planned parenthood

With Roe v. Wade overturned, pro-lifers have an exciting opportunity to increase protections for the preborn in their state. Now more than ever it is important to know which laws work, and which don’t. So, what do common pro-life and pro-choice policies truly do, and what policies can you fight for to make your state…

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Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome: Parents Are Victims Too

definition of post-abortion stress syndrome (PASS)

Of all the victims of abortion, it is perhaps the mother and father who are the most neglected of all. For pro-life advocates, the death of an innocent child tends to be the focus. For pro-choice advocates, acknowledging the parents as victims would weaken their own position. Nevertheless, the reality is that those who obtain…

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Does Medicaid Cover Abortions?

Many people are under the impression that tax money is not used to fund abortion. Both pro-choice and pro-life advocates are often misinformed on this subject. Pro-choice advocates and organizations like Planned Parenthood frequently point to The Hyde Amendment, which is supposed to stop public funding of abortion. Often, this law is used to dispel…

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Defunding Planned Parenthood: Why It Matters

Milwaukie, OR, USA - Planned Parenthood sign

Defunding Planned Parenthood is a confusing controversy. Both pro-life and pro-choice advocates are often misled as to what Planned Parenthood is and does. This is no surprise since Planned Parenthood goes to great lengths to paint a rosy picture of itself. The work it does is treated as unique, and its abuse is rarely given…

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Left for Dead: How Many Survive Abortion?

abortion hospital

In recent years, the topic of abortion has involved much debate over those children who survive abortions. With more and more abortion survivors coming forward to share their stories, and with the increasing discord between pro-life and pro-choice politicians over legislation such as the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, the issue has taken the national…

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