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Birth Control Risks Exposed

By Marisa Cantu and HLI Staff / May 1, 2024 /
Female smelling fresh linens and smiling, enjoying fabric conditioner aroma

An estimated 966 million women of reproductive age globally use some form of birth control. These methods of contraception include hormonal and non-hormonal birth control, both of which have devastating effects on both the health and the well-being of the family. Hormonal birth control risks include a long list of side effects, such as ectopic…

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What Percentage of Abortions Are Medically Necessary?

By HLI Staff / February 15, 2024 /

The short answer to this question is “zero.” Human Life International’s free e-book Why We Don’t Need Abortion walks through each of the most commonly cited situations where abortion is supposedly “medically necessary.” You can download it now for free to learn what alternatives there are to abortion in each of these situations.   How Common…

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Donald Tusk: Poland to Accept Same Sex “Marriages?”

By HLI Staff / February 6, 2024 /
polish parliament

Hundreds of thousands took to the streets of Poland last month in response to the new government’s actions. Poland recently had an election, and though the right-wing party won the most votes, left-liberal Donald Tusk is now Prime Minister. This new majority is determined to legalize abortion, same-sex “marriage” and sex education in schools. And…

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Abortion Exceptions: Should Abortion Ever Be Legal?

By HLI Staff / January 23, 2024 /
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Most people believe access to abortion should be limited. But how limited? Are abortion exceptions permissible to save the mother, or after rape or incest, or in cases of severe fetal deformities? The “Health of the Mother” Exception Because of advances in medicine, there are currently no maternal medical conditions for which abortion is the…

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Neo-Colonialism Crippling African, Caribbean, and Pacific States: The Samoa Agreement

By HLI Staff / December 29, 2023 /
pride flag, eu flag and union jack flag

Update 01/10/2024 As of 1/9/24, this treaty has received two-thirds majority signatures, which means that the EU has received all necessary signatures for the treaty to pass. Now, the mission of pro-lifers is to push signature Parliaments to not ratify this treaty. Only 26 of the signatures have also ratified, and the EU is calling…

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Africa: A Bright Future for Pro-Life Catholicism is “Shining Beacon of Hope”

By HLI Staff / December 18, 2023 /

The future looks bright for pro-life Catholics in Africa, thanks to the dedicated training of seminarians conducted by Human Life International, the United States based global Catholic authority on life issues. Africa, once dubbed the “dark continent” for its unexplored mysteries, is today “a shining beacon of hope” to those pursuing a culture of life.…

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What Are the Products That Use Aborted Fetuses?

By HLI Staff and William Lawyer / September 22, 2023 /

Do some products contain parts of aborted babies? The short answer is: “Yes.” However, today’s consumer products are not the soap and lampshades of “recycled” Nazi concentration camp victims that we see in museums. The new utilitarian use of “people as product” is a sophisticated enterprise that is not visible to the human eye. Perhaps…

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What Are Abortifacients?

By HLI Staff / August 7, 2023 /

An abortifacient “an agent (such as a drug) that induces abortion.” After an egg is fertilized, abortifacients kill the unborn child. However, manufactures often market these drugs under the name “contraception” to make them more appealing to consumers. Abortifacients are different from contraceptives in that they do not prevent an egg from being fertilized. Rather, they…

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How Effective Are Condoms Against Pregnancy?

By HLI Staff / July 1, 2022 /
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The use of condoms is considered normal, almost compulsory, for many people engaging in sex today, whether married or unmarried. Of course, pro-lifers and Catholics oppose this unnatural device on the moral level. It not only disrupts the mechanism of transmitting human life in the most direct way possible; it also encourages promiscuity with false promises of…

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Male and Female Sterilization

By HLI Staff / April 22, 2022 /

“Blessed are the wombs that never bore.”   The End of Generation Sterilization is, in one sense, the epitome of anti-life activities, the crowning legacy of people like Margaret Sanger, Marie Stopes, and other eugenicists. This is because it fully achieves the end that those activists hoped for: removal of the generative capacities of human…

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