Dignitas Infinita: Addressing Modern Issues with Ageless Principles

Human dignity is fundamental to Christian ethics. But what is human dignity? Can it ever be lessened or taken away?

On this episode, Fr. Shenan Boquet unpacks the Dicastery for the Doctrine of Faith’s newest document on human dignity. Dignitas infinita discusses the different kinds of human dignity, as well as its effect on social issues.

Find out WHY the Catholic Church condemns abortion, euthanasia, surrogacy, sex-changes, and other hot-button issues. It’s critical that Catholics and Christians can understand and explain why every human person has inalienable dignity.


Read Dignitas infinita: Declaration “Dignitas Infinita” on Human Dignity (2 April 2024) (vatican.va)

Fr. Boquet’s Spirit and Life Article: Pope Francis Transgenderism: Incompatible With Catholicism (hli.org)


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