Dear FDA, Approving Opill Will Increase Abortion Rates w/ Michael New

Will over-the-counter birth control decrease abortions?

Michael New joins us to unpack data comparing abortion rates, unplanned pregnancies, and contraceptive use.

He also responds to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s statement that Opill, a new non-prescription hormonal birth control pill, may reduce unwanted pregnancies.

Find out why contraception won’t fix abortion!



Michael New’s Twitter handle: @Michael_J_New

New’s article in National Review: No, Over-the-Counter Birth Control Will Not Lower Abortion Rates

Tiana Rowe Doescher’s response: Yes, Over-the-Counter Birth Control Will Reduce Abortion Rates

New’s response: Again, Over-the-Counter Contraception Will Not Reduce Abortion Rates

More info: Social Impact of Over-the-Counter “Opill”



  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:34 High failure rate
  • 02:47 Cost and availability
  • 03:49 Dangers of over-the-counter birth control
  • 05:33 Why is the abortion rate down?
  • 06:44 Opill may increase teen pregnancies
  • 07:55 Why men walk away
  • 09:58 Emergency contraception
  • 11:13 Unintended pregnancy rates
  • 12:55 Pro-life efforts
  • 16:32 Need a chaste culture!
  • 17:50 Teenage sexual activity
  • 20:48 Birth control and abortion increase together

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