Husband First, Father Second: The Vital Role of Men in Family Life

What does it mean to be masculine? How can men be better husbands and fathers? Why do kids need their dads?

Dr. Pat Fagan sits down with us to unpack the role of men in family life. In this two-part series, he discusses why sons and daughters need to play with their dad, the current masculinity crisis, and why marriage is fundamental to family life.

Dr. Fagan also gives relationship advice to men who hope to be great husbands and fathers. Fatherhood is essential to society.




  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:58 Ended up at fatherhood
  • 03:38 Worship is important!
  • 06:00 Father transmits religion
  • 09:20 You need dad for existence
  • 10:21 Neglect your kids?!
  • 13:06 Date night
  • 14:16 Best pre-Cana
  • 15:04 Dads, kids, & development
  • 17:40 Different than mom?
  • 19:02 Struggles of single mom
  • 20:06 Ages 0-6
  • 22:39 Helping sons become men
  • 25:35 Secret conversations of women
  • 27:19 Right to marriage of biological parents
  • 28:53 Boys dropping behind girls. Why?
  • 30:09 Dads and daughters

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