10 Abortion Myths

In this audio talk, HLI Director of Education and Research Dr. Brian Clowes provides an overview of the 10 most common abortion myths that are repeated by the media, and explains how to refute each and every one. These are the same arguments that come up over and over again in everyday conversation because most people have heard them so often that they mistakenly accept them as facts.

The myths discussed include:

  1. “The world is overpopulated, so we must have abortion and birth control.”
  2. “70,000 women die each year from unsafe abortions worldwide.”
  3. “Abortion is needed for cases of rape, incest, birth defects, and to save a mother’s life.”
  4. “It’s her body, so she can do with it as she pleases.”
  5. “We really don’t know when human life begins.”
  6. “Third-trimester abortions are rare or nonexistent.”
  7. “Most Americans are ‘pro-choice.'”
  8. “Men have no right to speak out against abortion.”
  9. “You can’t legislate morality.”
  10. “Every child must be a wanted child.”

The next time someone claims that abortion saves women’s lives or that the world is overpopulated, you will know exactly how to respond.

Running time 53:03. Order as a CD here or listen now by clicking here.

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  1. michael adamonis on October 18, 2018 at 9:40 PM

    How long will a Holy God “allow” the wholesale murder of life that He put in a woman’s womb? I am sadly convinced that if abortion does not stop, He will HAVE to intervene. What will that look like? The law is for lawbreakers (murder is against God’s law), and so the penalty is death, sometimes even physical but mostly spiritual (hell). What bothers me is that we are too much of cowards to do God’s will. Maybe us who are righteous, should take extreme action. You can guess what that means. Protesting against evil is really a joke in my book. Evil must be FORCED to stop. Basically it must be DRIVEN out. And please don’t say God is merciful. Yes He is, but He also says that He will show mercy to those who show mercy. God is NEVER obligated by our will. In Moses time, the priests were instructed to go through the camp and slay all the evildoers. WOW! A lady I know said that we don’t fight murder with murder. Killing evildoers is never murder but righteousness. But we are so attached to this world. No one wants to die, but you have to, to get to Heaven. How long will we sit back and say a few prayers to end abortion? Maybe Almighty God is on our side. Let the Lord guide us and take away our worldliness. Cowards are outside the Kingdom. Use me Lord.

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