March 25: The International Day of the Unborn Child


What Is It?

The International Day of the Unborn Child is celebrated on March 25, in conjunction with the Feast of the Annunciation. First officially celebrated in Argentina in 1999 under the Pontificate of Pope St. John Paul II, this day is a celebration of the value and dignity of every human person from the moment of conception, as well as a day of remembrance for those unborn children who have lost their lives to the violence of abortion.


March for Life in Romania

The Holy Father linked this day to the feast of the Annunciation to honor the day when God was conceived and became an unborn child in the womb of Our Blessed Mother. Though celebrated in conjunction with the feast of the Annunciation, the Day of the Unborn Child is not an exclusively Catholic or Christian event. Any pro-life group, whether affiliated with a faith or not, is welcome and encouraged to participate in local events or form their own events to celebrate human life.

How Is It Celebrated Worldwide?

This feast has been celebrated in many different ways throughout the world by churches, pro-life groups, schools, etc. Many Churches pray the Rosary or offer a Mass or Holy Hour for the preborn. Some groups spiritually adopt unborn children and pray for them and their mothers. Rosary processions or prayerful marches to abortion clinics or government buildings are also good ways to celebrate this day. Some Churches hold fundraisers, such as a banquet or baby shower, in which proceeds go to support local pro-life groups or crisis pregnancy centers.

HLI Affiliates in Tanzania

Celebration in Tanzania

HLI actively promotes this day worldwide by coordinating and sending representatives to events such as Masses and prayer vigils for life, educational seminars and conferences on life and the family, pro-life rallies and marches, etc. in many different countries throughout the world. To find out what kinds of Day of the Unborn Child events are in your area, check with your local pro-life groups, churches, or Knights of Columbus Councils to see if they have anything planned, or visit the website of the Day of the Unborn Child and search for “Events.”  Don’t miss this day to celebrate the gift of human life!


How Can I Celebrate This Day?

March for Life in the Czech Republic

March for Life in the Czech Republic

  • Spiritually adopt an unborn child and pray for him and his mother for nine months.
  • Organize local Marches for Life or Rosary processions to abortion clinics or government buildings.
  • Hold a fundraiser for pro-life groups or crisis pregnancy centers.
  • Offer a Mass or a prayer vigil for life.
  • Organize a Life Chain in your town.
  • Pray outside an abortion clinic.
  • Host a pro-life movie night.
  • Pass out pro-life literature at your church.
  • Set up a “cemetery of the innocents” somewhere in your community to witness to all the lives lost because of abortion.


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