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Size of Baby at 12 Weeks Changing Minds on Abortion

mom with hands making heart pregnant

One of Human Life International’s most powerful tools in spreading the Culture of Life is “Baby Joshua,” a life-size model of a preborn baby at 12 weeks. This perfectly formed miniature person, his little body curled up and wrapped in a soft cloth, has saved the lives of many babies. He is a witness to confused mothers of the miracle of life. Sometimes a mother is in denial about the tiny body growing inside of her, and sometimes she just does not know what a gift she has. A “Baby Joshua,” handed out by our workers in the field, is sometimes all that is needed for a mother to have a change of heart.

mom with hands making heart pregnant

Public Ignorance of Life before Birth

Live Action recently put out a video confirming that, when greeted with the stark reality of what is actually happening in an abortion, people tend to change their views. The video interviewed eleven pro-choice people before and after watching Dr. Anthony Levatino explain the different abortion processes. Seeing the procedure made all eleven of the pro-choicers change their minds on abortion. One man pinned the general ignorance of most people about life, “I sort of had this idea that first trimester everything is just kind of there, and second trimester the baby’s formed. But to see that the baby had already been formed, early on, it was quite difficult—quite difficult to watch.”

He’s right: everything is not “just kind of there.” In fact the twelfth week, the last week of the first trimester, is perhaps one of the most amazing stages of the unborn child’s life.

Size of Baby at 12 Weeks

At twelve weeks, the little fetus is about the size of a lime. He weighs about one and a half ounces and measures about three and a half inches long, though the size of each fetus may vary. Although he can fit comfortably into the palm of his mother’s hand, he is already developing his own distinct personality.

The twelve-week mark is when babies distinguish themselves as unique persons. Each baby develops his own sleeping pattern. He discovers his hands, making fists and moving his thumbs. He can kick, turn over, and move his toes. He can open his mouth and then press his lips together tightly. He can also smile at this point. He might hiccup constantly, or he might cry. Though his lungs are not yet fully developed, he practices breathing.

The fetus’s brain is developing too. The five regions of his brain have distinguished themselves from each other. His nervous system is now functioning and his neurotransmitters are sending signals to his brain.

The sex organs are starting to develop as well. Though the doctor will not be able to see the organs yet, he or she is already a boy or girl.

If My Mother Could See Me Now…

Before a mother can show off her baby bump, her child is already becoming who he is going to be. And yet, those who are against life still insist that he is just a blob of tissue. If his mother could see inside her womb, she would not be fooled by these lies. “Baby Joshua” is giving mothers this glimpse of their children. These models can be bought in the HLI store. They are a perfect tool for spreading the message of Life.

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