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Woman With Unplanned Pregnancy Finds Hope and Healing with HLI’s Program

Chisomo of Malawi got pregnant from her boyfriend. Her parents were church leaders and were most concerned about their public image. When they discovered their daughter’s pregnancy, they chased her out of their home, worried what others would say.

Chisomo’s boyfriend also abandoned her, leaving without a trace upon finding out that he was a father. Chisomo lost hope, having been rejected and failed by those closest to her. She felt alone and afraid, and she thought that the only options were either to abort the child or to commit suicide.

She had been following HLI’s pro-life television programs and so chose to reach out. She started counseling with our affiliates, who reminded her of the sacredness of life and how abortion violates that sacredness.

She decided to keep her baby, and as she approached her due date, doctors told Chisomo that the baby was not in the right position. They recommended an induced labor, but Chisomo refused and waited until her delivery date. When she gave birth, by the grace of God, she had no complications and now has a beautiful baby boy whom she named Miracle. Chisomo’s parents also welcomed her and Miracle back into their home.

chisomo and baby miracle

Chisomo and baby Miracle

Chisomo is incredibly grateful to HLI Malawi for the help she received and for our pro-life mission. She said that it was our life-centered messages and the work of our affiliates that saved her and baby Miracle.

Thanks to our donors, HLI is able to bring hope to women in crisis just like Chisomo. Please continue to pray for the success of our mission and for all women in unsupported pregnancies.

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