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Donald Tusk: Poland to Accept Same Sex “Marriages?”

polish parliament

Hundreds of thousands took to the streets of Poland last month in response to the new government’s actions. Poland recently had an election, and though the right-wing party won the most votes, left-liberal Donald Tusk is now Prime Minister. This new majority is determined to legalize abortion, same-sex “marriage” and sex education in schools. And they are doing these things even contrary to applicable law. The culmination of these actions caused the outrage that led to the protests in January.

Thousands took to the streets on January 11, 2024, playing the Wolność Te Deum, a song thanking God for the liberty of Poland.

But the systematic takeover of Poland goes deeper than just politics. The “Solidarity” movement demanded protection of human life and dignity. Yet, there are still neo-Marxist influences in Poland, and these influences unite with the extreme left in the European Union. After World War II, many communist activists were brought to Poland from Russia to take power. These activists were integrated into Polish society, and today, they and their families still push for communism. These people declared and declare themselves as atheists and are very hostile to the faith and the Catholic Church.

They run a constant attack on the Catholic Church in Poland. It began with numerous sexual abuse allegations against priests. Some were substantiated, but most were slander. The attacks against priests even went so far as to question Pope Saint John Paul II’s moral authority, but this effort failed. The allegations against priests, combined with the consumption of liberal media and the Internet, have caused the younger generations to move away from Catholicism and support other ideals, such as abortion.

We recently reported that the European Court of Human Rights issued a ruling against Poland and ordered the legalization of abortion. This was not the only recommendation of this type. Still, Poland stayed strong. But things changed when the left-wing coalition took power. Tusk, even in his short time as Prime Minister, has already promised “abortion on demand” up to 12 weeks. And, though the Polish culture is against it, he has also stated that he will begin working to legalize same-sex “marriages” beginning in February at the latest.

polish parliament

Our affiliates expressed concern over the fact that the newly-formed Ministry of Equality and the new education minister are both far-left feminists. To our affiliates, it is becoming clear that sex education will begin in schools and that religious classes will be reduced with the rise of such left-liberal officials.

Unsurprisingly, Tusk himself is a former high-ranking EU official. He took office just after Poland signed off on the EU-ACP Treaty (or the Samoa Agreement), which is a shocking agreement that forces African, Caribbean, and Pacific nations to accept radical LGBT and abortion policies (more on the treaty here). And, though Poland is not going to leave the EU, our affiliates expressed their concern about the EU forcing Poland to accept their LGBT and abortion standards (as was attempted through two recent lawsuits against Poland), pushing for euthanasia, and diminishing Poland’s sovereignty.

We are working hard to combat these evils. Though we cannot change international geopolitics, we are doing what we can to educate people about the dangers of the liberal and anti-life ideals that Tusk is proposing. We work hard to show people the dangers of the “morning-after pill” for girls under 15 and the abortion pill, as well as how destructive IVF practices and abortion on demand are. We have online debates, a website in three languages to reach a broader audience (Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian), and we publish pro-life news frequently. We even run a charity for pregnant women, including Ukrainian refugees. In such situations, the nation has always taken refuge in the family. Now the family is being destroyed, and the Church, which has been a stronghold for centuries, is being attacked. Pray for Poland and for all of HLI’s affiliates!

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