HLI Resources: Contraception

What is Historical Church Teaching on Contraception?
The teaching of the Catholic Church on contraception never has, and never can, change. Despite dissent from within, and opposition from without, the Church has held steadfast to her teaching that contraception is a gross violation of the natural law.

Is Church Teaching on Contraception Infallible?
Church teaching on contraception has been taught infallibly through the ordinary magisterium, that doctrine which has been taught always, everywhere, and by everyone.

Is Contraception Sinful if Users are Ignorant of Church Teaching?
Many Catholics are ignorant of Church teaching on contraception. Ignorance of the law is no excuse however, because Catholics have an obligatory duty to know that using contraception is sinful.

Can We Use Our Consciences on Contraception?
Many Catholics disobey Church teaching on contraception because they believe that conscience is the source of morality rather than a witness to it.

What Does the Catholic Church Teach about Sterilization?

Church teaching condemns sterilization on the same grounds as other methods of contraception. Sterilization is moreover a mutilation of the body and thus offends the integrity of the human person. However, procedures that indirectly cause sterilization in the course of curing or obviating certain health risks are licit.

Does Contraception Lead to Abortion?
Use of contraceptives leads to a large increase in sexual activity, resulting in an increase in “unplanned pregnancies” due to the failure rate of contraceptives, ending in an increase in abortions.

Birth Control for Teens Who Are “Doing It Anyway”?
Teaching teens sex education and giving them birth control can cause them to engage in premarital sex by creating a self-fulfilling expectation that they will.

The Plague of “Contraceptive Imperialism”
The West imposes contraception on the developing world through an insidious and step-by-step strategy of persuasion and influence that ultimately results in the full-scale adoption of the Culture of Death.

Contraceptive Brief: Condoms
Condoms are the most common contraceptive method in the world, used for the prevention of pregnancy, HIV, and other STDs. But the frequency of their failure, and the gravity of the resulting situation, makes them one of the most misleading products on the market. Only abstinence can secure of what condoms claim.

Should Serodiscordant Couples be Permitted to Use Condoms?
In the case of a married couple where one spouse is HIV positive and the other is not, the Church teaches that position which eliminates the risk rather than merely reducing it. Abstinence is a sacrifice, but one made out of true love.

The Conception Conundrum
When human life begins was redefined by the pro-abortion medical establishment from conception to implantation in order to promote abortifacients as methods of birth control.

Abortifacient Brief: The Birth Control Pill
The current form of the Birth Control Pill has three functions. The first is the suppression of ovulation. The second is the blocking of sperm from penetrating the cervix. The third is abortifacient in nature, impairing the implantation of the zygote.

The Birth Control Pill: Unintended Consequences
More than 30,000 American women have died due to direct side effects of the Birth Control Pill since it was adopted in the United States, with heart attack, stroke, and breast cancer being the most common causes.

The Birth Control Pill as Therapy
Catholic doctrine permits the use of the Birth Control Pill when the intent is not to impair fertility but to relieve certain maladies besides, such as acne or gynecological issues.

Abortifacient Brief: The RU-486 Abortion Pill
Whereas the Birth Control Pill only sometimes acts as an abortifacient, RU-486 is purely an abortion pill, administered as much as twelve weeks into pregnancy. Promising studies on the reversal of the effects of RU-486 for women who regret their decision in time have been vigorously opposed and undermined by the pro-abortion movement and its medical allies.

Abortifacient Brief: Depo-Provera
Depo-Provera is an injectable contraceptive drug that sometimes has an abortifacient effect. It also has a long and checkered history rife with fraud and abuse.

Abortifacient Brief: Implants
Birth control implants are being heavily promoted by “family planners” all over the world because they have several advantages from the population control viewpoint. They do not require daily attention; they have a high effectiveness rate because user error is eliminated; and they are effective for up to seven years.

Abortifacient Brief: The Intrauterine Device
The Intrauterine Device (IUD) is a foreign body inserted into the uterus that has contraceptive and abortifacient effects. A particularly repugnant form of birth control, the IUD is ideal for use by coercive governments, and nearly half of all Chinese women of childbearing age have IUDs implanted after their first birth.

Should Catholic Hospitals Use the Morning-After Pill for Rape Victims?
The Catholic Church teaches that women who have been raped may receive treatment to prevent conception. But, if conception has already occurred, treatment that has an abortifacient effect may not be received. The problem is that we cannot know with certainty whether a woman who has been raped has already conceived. Moral judgment must thus err on the side of assuming conception has occurred and forgoing the use of emergency contraceptives that have an abortifacient effect.

Should We Avoid Offending People Over Contraception?
Many Catholics avoid teaching people the true doctrine of the church regarding contraception for fear of offending them over their sins. But this is a great victory for the Devil. We have a duty to oppose sin, while loving and not judging the sinner.