How Birth Control Disrupts Chemistry in Relationships | Dr. Joe Malone


What type of men do women want? How does birth control affect the science of relationships? Can the pill make you choose the wrong man?

Hormonal birth control negatively affects a woman’s mental and physical health. And it also alters chemical attraction between men and women.

Because birth control disrupts a woman’s hormonal cycle, it changes who she’s attracted to—chemically. This can cause severe relationship issues down the road. It even affects a couple’s fertility! Moreover, men tend to find naturally cycling women more attractive as well.

Hormonal birth control hurts relationships. In this interview with Dr. Joe Malone, we break down the biological reason why this happens. Find out how birth control affects chemistry between men and women!



  • 00:00 Welcome Back
  • 01:00 Birth Control Shuts Down a Woman’s Cycle
  • 04:45 Types of Men Women are Attracted To
  • 06:05 Problem with Altered Attraction
  • 08:33 Best of Both Worlds
  • 11:23 Chemistry & Fertility
  • 15:10 Effeminate Men?
  • 16:24 Environmental Issues
  • 18:30 Sperm Counts Dropping
  • 20:00 Demographic Winter Causes
  • 23:00 IVF Problems
  • 24:40 Types of Women Men are Attracted To
  • 29:09 Attraction During Pregnancy
  • 33:27 Impact on Mental Health
  • 35:58 Birth Control Changes Women
  • 38:40 Sex Drive Slows
  • 40:10 Blood Clots & Cancer

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