Which Pro-life Tactics Work? Former Abortion Worker Explains

Why do abortion workers quit? How does the abortion industry really treat women? Which pro-life strategies are really effective?

On this episode, Kelly Lester, from And Then There Were None, reveals the motivations of employees at abortion clinics. A former receptionist at an abortion clinic, Kelly discusses manipulation tactics her clinic used to convince women to get abortions.

This episode covers many topics including: protesting outside abortion clinics, the power of prayer, how clinics got around parental consent laws, and how pro-lifers can help abortion employees leave the industry and find healing.

In order to effectively reach women, it’s critical that pro-lifers understand pro-abortion mindset.

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  • 00:00 Meet Kelly Lester
  • 02:44 Working at an Abortion Clinic
  • 04:45 Power of Prayer
  • 06:15 Finding Healing
  • 07:27 Avoiding Parental Consent
  • 08:44 Why Abortion Workers Quit
  • 11:00 Mindset of Employees
  • 13:13 Why Clinics Manipulate Women
  • 15:08 Underlying Motivation?
  • 16:49 Protesting: Helpful or Not?
  • 17:58 Prayer: Helpful or Not?
  • 20:39 Why Women Get Abortions
  • 21:43 Why Women Need Advocates
  • 24:00 No Men Allowed
  • 25:33 Financial Struggles
  • 27:26 How Pro-Lifers Can Help Workers Get Out

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