How Every Family Can Pull Off Catholic Education

What is classical education? And why should you care?

Parents want to give their children the best education. But in today’s cultural climate, options feel limited. Many public schools embrace anti-family agendas, indoctrinating kids with woke ideologies.

So, what should parents do?

On this episode, Fr. Shenan Boquet unpacks the benefits of Catholic classical education. This method of education focuses on forming the human person, using the great books of Western civilization. Many curricula include theology, philosophy, literature, and history, as well as math and science. Find out why you should consider classical education when schooling your kids. This method is found in many different forms: homeschooling, traditional schools, co-ops…you name it!



Father’s Spirit and Life article: The Spread of Classical Education and Why It Matters

John Senior’s list of the 1000 Good Books



  • 00:00 Why classical education?
  • 02:35 Guide souls to Heaven
  • 05:40 Engage with the world
  • 06:30 People don’t read!
  • 10:17 Types of education
  • 14:50 Financial struggles
  • 16:53 Public schools
  • 19:22 Don’t focus on negative!
  • 20:15 What are the great books?
  • 23:42 Center student in library of the world
  • 26:44 Critical thinking & philosophy
  • 27:58 Holy citizens
  • 29:53 Walk with parents
  • 31:04 1000 good books
  • 33:22 1st classroom is home
  • 36:03 Ideology vs. truth
  • 38:24 Kids’ eyes light up!
  • 39:41 Holistic education

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